3 November 2016

Bad Mum

Hello and welcome to Bad Mum. 

This has been a long time coming and the title may alarm you. Please don’t run a mile; just stick around and find out more. 

Bad Mum was created to represent the real bare face of parenting by real parents. 

It is a place to showcase real, honest parenting and give people a public platform to be heard (and showcase their work.) 

There will be guest posts, features, interviews, competitions, events, my shop and a lot more. 

Let’s celebrate the bloody good and wonderful Mum’s out there. The ones that juggle work, 3 kids, looking after the house and garden, doing the shopping and still wanting to make a change in this world because believe me, there are 1000’s of them. Now, they are the girls I would rather have a vodka with any day! 

So, Bad Mum is tongue and cheek. It is a play on words. It is the opposite of what we really are. It is whatever you want it to be but it certainly isn’t a place for walking all over other parents or negativity. 

It is a place where I will swear and be sarcastic. I will talk to you like you are my friend. I will show you real honest mamma’s out there and most of all, I will show you the real face of parenting.

No more pink fluffy, sugar coated BS and more down to the nitty gritty real parenting. 

One last thing, I will be honest. I will not put picture perfect photo’s together to show what marketing companies wants you to believe is good parenting and it will be the truth.

Now in my book, the truth is always a better photo. 



  1. Found you on Google+ and had to click over to read about "Bad Mum". Happy I did! I am expecting my first and looking for parenting blogs that are real and honest, not just typical marketing oriented mommy blogs. So I look forward to reading your posts, sarcasm and all.

    - Kristin

    1. Hello and a huge welcome! Thank you for finding me and yes please do stick around as this is aimed for you! This is all the parts they don't tell you when you're pregnant...please don't run away! Thanks again, Sophie x


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