22 November 2016

Interview with Zombiie Mummy

Hi Hannah, thank you so much for giving up your time to answer some questions for Bad Mum, I know you must be so tired with your little bundle of joy, baby Zelda. And, by the way that is such a cool name!

I absolutely love your style and your cute little family! What made you start up a blog and become a children’s fashion and lifestyle blogger?

I originally started up the blog as a way of documenting my life as a new mum, one that generally had little clue & I felt, if one Mum read it and felt OK about herself then I was doing a good job, It evolved when my son grew from a baby to a toddler and I started to re-think about the clothing I purchased for him, and wanted to know where it came from. I started the blog with no clue how to get readers to it, now I feel confident in what topics I write about and the direction its going in.

As a parent do you feel it is important to retain who you are as a person, such as your style and not completely lose yourself in baby land? I know from experience a whole year has passed me by before without me really looking in the mirror properly! It was a fright when I finally did.

I think it’s very important to retain who you are, even if it’s your clothing style. Becoming a Mum doesn’t mean losing who you are, sure parenthood is an all encompassing lifetime role, when your baby is given to you for the first time, your life changes forever  but that doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your happiness. A happy Mama means a happy family after all.

As the weeks seem to fly by (especially with a new baby) how do you find time to run your blog and be a Mum at the same time?

I actually feel like I’ve really neglected the blog since my daughter was born, but somehow I find time to look after the blog and the social media side. Luckily for me (so far) both my children are easily contented and as I’m always thinking of new blog posts, I get things done in stages, so I feel organised and less flustered when my daughter wakes or my son wants the Play-Doh out for the millionth time that day. 

I love that your photos are real and true to you. At Bad Mum I strongly believe parents should show the real side to being a parent; even the tough days, to show it isn’t always a bed of roses! Do you think being honest on social media is important?

I think it’s important to stay as honest as you feel comfortable with, for me Zombiie Mummy was set up on the foundation of honesty because Mary Poppins was just a character after all and Mothers shouldn’t try to be perfect. Parenting is sometimes very difficult and by showing the totally honest parts, as mothers we can all support one another, no matter the struggle.

If being a parent, looking after the family and running a blog all wasn’t enough to do, what is next on your To Do list and how will you achieve this?

Next on my to do list is re-decorating my living room, with weeks until Christmas I don’t think I quite have enough time to achieve this yet, but I plan to have all hands on deck on this in the new year, my husband and son can both lend a hand! Haha!

As a parent we all experience good days as well as bad days. We simply do what we need to do to get through the day and basically to survive the madness! I personally have given my son chocolate for breakfast just so he has eaten something and then cleaned him up with a wet wipe; then gone on to clean the whole bloody house with it! What things have you done just to keep your sanity?

What things have I done to keep my sanity? One time I didn’t brush my sons teeth until bedtime, because I dreaded the screaming tantrums I got each morning so much I felt unable to do it without losing my mind.. needless to say my husband did the bedtime routine that day! That day was particularly challenging for me personally, we all have those type of days though don’t we.

Lastly, everyone has to leave us with a parenting confession that you have never told anyone before?! Go and do a shot then write it down! 

My parenting confession is, we were at a wedding with our son once (who had not long turned 3) he was acting up so badly whilst waiting to be shown into the reception, I let him eat a little sugar cube! It’s horrifying to write down and admit, but there it is.

Don't worry we have all been there! 

Thank you so much again and all the luck in the world for the future! 

Take a look at the Bloody Truthful Mama's section above for all Zombiie Mummy's details. 


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