22 December 2016

Does your man go clubbing?

This is a post I wrote a while back now but it still is relevant. The women of Instagram are well and truly taking over the world and about bloody time too. For the first time ever men are behind in this men already took the cooking world (who would of thought it) so let us keep this title for a while! 

But some men STILL don't like a woman in charge and with a voice; a powerful one at that. 

So, ladies keep doing what you are doing and keep conquering the world. And, men, keep up if you can! 

Does your man go clubbing?

Not the dance-the-night-away-drink-too-much-glow-sticks-type!

I mean the club-you-over-the-head-before-you-speak-too-much-drag-back-to-cave-eat-dinosaur-meat kind?

Mine doesn't. He let's me speak, have a voice and the best part, he has my back no matter what my opinion is.

You're lucky, you say?

No, not really! Our relationship isn't in the dark ages and we don't have a pet dinosaur either (even though that part would be cool!)

I don't sit around carving my thoughts onto the wall just hoping someone will see them one day and when they do they can't make head nor tail of them!

With me the writing is on the wall, on the internet, in the news paper and shouted from mountain top too!!

I am writing this because of lately I have come across some compete tits (I am being very kind) on the internet.

Now, who would have thought men still don't like a woman with an opinion? That naive stupidity still exists. That us woo-men (cave slang) must be seen but not heard and the men are looked at to shut us up quickly and quietly... Sod off!!

Of course this does not appeal to all men and I never brush you all with the same brush this just goes to the odd few out there.

I have been in a few slagging off matches lately and I must admit I won most of them which I will admit I am proud off. I may of won with bitter determination and lots of sarcasm but even so don't push me. I've been pushed around for way too long and now I will not take a small minded little boy thinking I am stupid because I am a woman with boobies.

I have my own mind, my own opinion and my own voice and I am very capable of using all three at the same time as us girls are bloody amazing at multi tasking... Yay! Go us!!

We can have babies, wash up and think at the same time, who would have thought it!!

In the last 2 weeks I've had said to me...

"Thanks for shitting another child out into society"

"Not believing in God you've chose to die"

"Your a bad (also terrible) mother"


There was more but you get the drift. All because I spoke up and wouldn't let the men chat and because I attract the crazy people like bees to a jam pot!

Seriously girls (everyone) please speak up! Have your say, write a comment, join in and don't let someone get bullied. Only a couple of people helped me and not one women helped me out (when the men were telling me I was a bad Mum...) Yes, I do realise some people don't want to get involved and that's cool too but please don't loose your voice to bullies.


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