16 December 2016

Huge welcome back too...

I am very pleased to say my girly Amy from kittyandpip is back again! Amy has been unwell, so how she has fitted in writing for Bad Mum again I don't know but I am sending her lots of love!! 

If you missed Amy's first Bad Mum post please take a look here

Take it away my lovely! 

5 Things Not To Say To a Pregnant Lady

1. Mention their size. I was bloody huge throughout my pregnancy. I am not joking, I had a baby bump at 8 weeks! The amount of people that would say 'Jeeze aren't you MASSIVE!' or 'How many you hiding in there?' or 'Are you sure it isn't twins? hahaha!' It is just rude! You would never comment on a ladies size at any other point in their life so why is it OK just because she is growing a human. The answer is; IT IS NOT BLOODY OK!!!! On the flip side of this is when you carry small and people question if you are actually pregnant. We have enough to worry about without having strangers tell us we are essentially faking it.

2. Should you be eating/drinking that? Really? When did Susan in accounts become an nutritionist? I have been up all night throwing up, if I want to eat my own weight in Coco Pops this morning then that is what I am going to do! Oh and Geoff in dispatch I haven't slept for two nights so this can of coke is the only thing helping me stand right now. As long as we aren't injecting bacon fat or snorting sugar I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself. I was once put in tears by a sonographer who relished in the fact
my baby was 'fat' her words and that I have obviously been eating badly. My midwife was appalled when she found out and a complaint was made.

3. 'Oooh! You think you're tired now? HA! You just wait!' I am fully aware that once my little bundle of joy arrives I can kiss good bye to sleep. I did a little bit of research before deciding to become a parent. However, this does not help me feel any better when I am so uncomfortable and kept awake by a baby kicking seven shades out of my liver. I am fat and tired please let me complain in peace.

4. Horror stories. Please will everyone just take a flying jump when they want to share a story about how their Aunt's sister's daughter tore from here to here, or how the lady down the road was in labour for four days or how Mandy in Sales baby got stuck half way out. Just STOP! Birth is a magical process and sadly in our culture it is shrouded in mystery and scare stories. They don't help anyone. Lets empower pregnant ladies for their birth, whether its through the exit or out through the sunroof.

5.' Enjoy life now before it is all over'. I find these so
insensitive! Most couples try for a baby for a long time! Trying for a baby is hard and generally not a decision taken lightly. Even though parents often long for their old life, none of us would trade it in. Having a child is gift, a gift that sadly isn't given to all that want it. So to tell an expectant mother that their life will be over is just an awful thing to say!

Basically stop being dicks just because someone has a human incubating inside of them.

Once again thank you Amy and she does it again! If you want to write for Bad Mum please contact me. 


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