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19 December 2016

Huge welcome to my first Bad Dad!!

I am very pleased to say I have my very first Bad Dad featuring on Bad Mum today!! 

It is so good that Dad's are getting the word out and joining us Mum's in being honest about the ups and downs of this parenting lark! 

This is Adam from The Honest Dad on Instagram! 

The positives to your missus not drinking.

Adjusting to pregnancy has been pretty interesting for both me and the missus. My life hasn’t changed hugely from day to day, but hers obviously has loads. We aren’t massive drinkers, but not being allowed to drink has left a weird hole in our time - I guess drinking is just one of those things you take for granted. Don’t get me wrong, I can still drink but I feel a bit differently about it. Recently, we have been doing loads of different stuff instead…and I like it. 
Sunday breakfast
Surfacing before midday on a Sunday isn’t something either of us did after a heavy one on the jungle juice. Since my wife has been pregnant, we have so much more time at the weekends. We aren’t groggy anymore and we have more cash, so we go for mega Sunday breakfasts. It doesn’t sound as wild as a heavy one out, but it more than makes up for it. We have discovered some amazing places that we didn’t know existed and as sad as it sounds, it’s because we don’t drink as much. Beautiful breakfast – big plus.
Trying different things
I literally love a pint. Like any time. Life should be gravy at the moment as I always have a designated driver… but instead of drinking more, I’m finding because my wife is way more adventurous with drinks, I get bevvy envy so I don’t instantly opt for a pint. There is only so much Diet Coke a person can face so as the missus diversifies her drinks more so do I. I’m trying fresh juices and having milkshakes etc. I’m not dropping the beers, oh no, no, no; but this pregnancy thing has really opened my eyes to the huge array of drinks in the world other than beer.
If you asked us if we were outdoorsy, we would say kind of. We live in town but both of our sets of parents live out in the sticks and we were brought up in the country. Before the pregnancy we tried to get out a bit, but we didn’t feel bad if we just lazed around at the weekend, especially if a drink was involved. Now we make a real effort to go to the beach or the forest or even just across some fields for a walk. I think the idea of exercising to help the baby and getting fresh air and stuff is one of the subliminal drivers. We used to walk with the aim of getting somewhere and having a drink – that’s now been replaced with food (obviously) but the whole having a drink thing isn’t missed really.
So before we knew about having a baby, I was buzzing about pregnancy because I was excited about being able to drink as many beers as I wanted and always having a lift home (if I behaved). The reality is so different though. Now it’s here, I don’t really want to drink that much and I have found that as a by-product, life is way more interesting. Maybe I sound old but there is so much more to life than drinking…I have said it before (normally after a heavy one) but I actually mean it now. 
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