20 December 2016


Hi all, 

Recently while scrolling through Instagram I found an amazing lady called Sally from MeetOtherMums who has started up the website so no Mum ever walks alone in this parenting world but better then that, this website is for anyone and don't need to be a parent to join! 

On top of that, Sally has started up #MumFriendMarch to empower Mum's to help other Mum's. 

I caught up with Sally and this is what she has to say; 

Hi Sally! So what exactly is MeetOtherMums and why did you start it?

MeetOtherMums is a national friendship matching site for mums of all ages at all stages – we put the fun and friendship into parenting so that no mum walks alone.

Joining is completely free and your profile will automatically match you with mums in your local area.  You can then review their profiles and decide who looks like your sort of mum!  We give you the option of filling in loads of profile information to help make that all important mum friend decision easier for you!

The site is also jam packed full of blogs, chat, social events, forums and private groups.

I started MeetOtherMums at around the time I was trying to decide whether to try for children.  A lot of the sites out there require you to be pregnant or already have kids to join and felt a bit exclusive.  Combined with that a lot of my friends were telling me how isolating being a mum can be and the idea took hold.  The site is for mums of all ages at all stages, so if you are trying to conceive, struggling with fertility issues or have a brood the size of a football team – all are welcome!

My fertility journey does not look like it will have a happy ending, with IVF and lost pregnancies behind me I’m coming to terms with the fact that I may never get to actually be a mum myself.  

By creating MeetOtherMums I have been welcomed into the mummy community, giving me a glimpse of what life is like, a small shimmer of how it feels and a big dose of love and happiness.

I am so sorry to hear that Sally, my heart really does go out to you and you will always be welcome in the Mummy community because you have such a kind soul.

What exactly is the #MumFriendMarch and what do we need to do?

The #MumFriendMarch empowers mums to help other mums by spreading the word about MeetOtherMums and how easy it is to make friends so that no mum feels lonely.  Mums who join the march will be gifted a #MumTribe T in exchange for handing out flyers and generally letting mums know about our service.  It’s a figurative march…we won’t actually be hitting the streets together (although the thought has crossed my mind!!).  It’s a coming together of mums, working together to combat loneliness.

I am pretty sure many women would join you on a march! 

Thank you Sally and I look forward to wearing my T shirt with pride. Please help Sally in spreading the word and helping all the Mama's by showing we are not alone and never will be. 


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