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18 August 2017

Feature: Fashion With Carrie

My 5 Tips for Perfecting Your Sales Shopping


17 August 2017

Feature: Lean Mums

Hi I’m Robbie the founder of Lean Mums, and I’m a Personal Trainer. I’ve worked with hundreds of mums and have taken all of that expertise and put it into creating Lean Mums which is all about making health and fitness as straightforward and stress free as possible for busy mums. The website includes home workouts, easy to cook recipes, a chat area and loads more!


15 August 2017

Feature: Word From the U.S

When Birth is More Important than Life


14 August 2017

Interview: Kerri From Coco + Indie

Hi lovely, thank you so much for speaking to me and answering some questions for Bad Mum magazine. 

Congratulations Hun for your success, you are doing so well and you must be super proud of your achievement’s so far! 


11 August 2017


Before I had baby, tiredness had a whole other definition.  A tough night's sleep simply meant that I'd drank too much caffeine (or prosecco) that day and a bad morning was one where I'd forgotten to put my phone on charge, then missed the bus.  A late night was self inflicted, because who wants a good night out to end? The only time I saw 7am was on an early start at work, or when I was just making my way home from a crazy night out. It's safe to say that before becoming a mama I didn't know how good I had it in terms of sleep. I often complained about not getting any sleep because i’d only managed around 6 hours before having to get up, or about a neighbour waking me up by shouting in their garden at 2pm. (Yes you read that right PM). Usually my tiredness stemmed from staying out too long on the ‘rare night out’, because once you're out you might as well make the most of it and keep going until the sun comes up.


Feature: Made For Parents

Mamas and Papas Baby Bud Highchair Review

When your baby starts to wean, a highchair is a definite essential. There are so many different options on the market to choose from and it can be overwhelming. However, there are a few things to consider that might help you to choose which highchair would be the best for you and your baby. Such as;
  • ·         How much space do you have?
  • ·         Do you want something that can easily be stored away?
  • ·         Will you be taking it to other people’s houses?
  • ·         Will you want your baby to be at the table with you?

For us, it was important to have something that wouldn’t take up too much room in our kitchen, and also something which could easily be stored away. After searching on the internet for ages we came across the Mamas and Papas Baby Bud, and it has fitted our needs perfectly.


The Baby Bud basically fixes onto your dining table chair, meaning that you don’t have a big clumpy highchair cluttering up your kitchen. Which is fantastic if like us, you’re short on space and you have two dogs constantly trying to trip you up. 


10 August 2017

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Feature: Beauty and Wellness

Moisturised AF, or Your Complete Guide to Less Parched Skin (Even if You’re Breastfeeding a Toddler)


3 August 2017

28 July 2017

Once you become a mom…

I sit back and stare at the almost invisible, non-existent television screen. I extend my hand to get hold of the TV remote, when instead, I come across an animal printed blue rattle. I go back to my position. As I scan my once oh-so-hotel-look-alike room, I only see toys of all sizes geared up taking spaces on my always sparkling floor. I want to clean the mess but the wooden cot I bumped into, gives me a terrible knee pain. I close my eyes; I am in dire need of some sleep. I have never felt so tired before. I have 148 emails to check. My WhatsApp conversations are all on mute. I know nothing about the ongoing elections, I am blank about who got shot. This is my new life, this is how it all gets once you become a mom. 


25 July 2017

20 July 2017

My Letter…..

Dear Anna,

I've been meaning to write to your for 36 years but I've been brushing it aside but now I am a mother of two I think I am starting to appreciate the pain my parents and family have gone through and still going through when you died of cot death at 3 months old.
We grew together from one egg so we were carbon copies of each other but apparently I was the loud one and you were the quiet one that would roll your eyes at my dramatic ways, by the way I'm still pretty dramatic.

Obviously when you died I didn't really know what had happened but as I grew up I would always get your memory box out of the top of wardrobe where our mum had told me  I could look at it at anytime and I did. I would so very carefully take your belongings out and lay them on the bed, looking and wondering what it could of been like being the "the twins" growing up. Would we of had the same personality as we looked the same?

I use to mention you all the time to people I met but gradually over time the awkward conversations were too much and especially as when I became a mum I didn't mention it as I didn't want to scare anyone about the unthinkable of  losing a child. I use to cover up the awkwardness with comments like "could you imagine two of me?", but obviously two of me would of made things complete.

Now I have two children of my own I often see a trait in them that I can't relate to a member of the family and I think maybe this is you?

I still check my children are breathing when I go in and check on them, the first thing I look for is their little lunges moving and I have even been known to end up waking them up, a sacrifice I'm willing to take to make sure they are breathing.
You are always in our hearts and we remember the day your died every year and never forgotten on our birthday.

See you again one day
your twin sister

Jeni xxx

Written by Jeni @everythingisaphase 


Feature: The Scribble Strip

Scribbled by Amy from @mylifescribble 


Feature: Your Health Hit!


17 July 2017

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Feature: Fashion With Carrie

How to Wear White Jeans

White jeans are back in style this season, and when paired with the right items, they can look seriously cool. I realise white jeans aren’t always an easy wear, they can easily get dirty, and if they’re not styled right they might look (very) wrong. But don’t worry, consider me your personal stylist! 

All you have to do is plan your colours well and know how to compliment your shape with the right cut (have a look at my previous blog on body shapes if you get stuck!) 

Wondering how all the coolest girls do it? As always, I’ve got you covered with a selection of looks if you’re wondering how to navigate the dangerous territory of white jeans! 


11 July 2017

My year of breastfeeding

I know what you’re thinking… Oh no, not another post wanging on about getting your tits out. I promise this is not a glossy, rose tinted article that only talks about the positive side of breastfeeding, this is a reflection on my year breastfeeding my second son, Fox. As we celebrate Fox’s first birthday, I wanted to share with you and reflect on the past year and in particular our year of the boob.

So a year ago our second son Fox was born. Much like his brother he was eager to make a swift entrance into the world. After Marley was nearly born in the car outside the hospital, the kind midwives suggested maybe I should consider a home birth for baby number two. It was already something that interested me and so we did our research and before we knew it nine months had passed and my husband Simon was blowing up the birthing pool.

The Leeds homebirth team were excellent, I have nothing but praise for their kindness, professionalism and experience. It’s just a shame they missed the birth. Fox, like his big brother was in such a hurry to meet us, so it was down to my husband to deliver our baby. Whilst Simon was concerned about the water temperature and the water level, I sternly told him to forget all that as our little one was on the way. With the homebirth team rushing to reach us and 999 on speakerphone, we somehow delivered a baby all on our own. Simon was so calm, he scooped up our little one and lay him on my chest. He was here. Our little Fox, the final piece in our family puzzle. Two minutes later and we soon realised we were no longer alone. The midwives and the emergency services were in our lounge with us. Thanks guys but we totally had it covered. 


Feature: Wish You Were Here!

Travelling together, as a family – making memories and putting pins in the map

First up – Mexico, on Boxing day, with a 5-month-old and a 4-year-old on a 7am flight!

An amazingly thoughtful surprise 30th birthday present from my then fiancée and now husband Mr. Rich seemed ambitious but doable. Skip forward to 7pm Christmas day – slightly drunk, with 2 over excited children, 12 family members still playing charades in the front room, and a 14 lb turkey carcass to get rid of, I am packing and losing my holy shit – where are the passports again?? (More on passport fails later this year – it will be worth the wait.)

After no actual sleep, we set of at some ungodly time to Heathrow. An overpriced and underwhelming breakfast, £200 in duty free and some booze to ease the pain and all seems very chilled…
Ted (5 months) has 14 baby gros, 22 nappies, 4 packets of baby wipes, 11 dummies – Beth (4 years old) has an iPad and a packet of Haribo star mix!

Let me share a few points on travelling long or short distances on a plane with an infant:

  • ·   They are on your lap, arm, shoulder, head for the WHOLE journey
  • ·   If they fall asleep on you make sure you don’t drink a drop so you don’t need to pee
  • ·   The drop-down baby changing hatch on a plane is the size of an envelope – good luck with that
  • ·   Changing a baby on a plane is like trying to get an octopus into a string vest
  • ·   No amount of free wine makes any of this better!


7 July 2017

Mums Without Limits - Guide to Date Night


Advert: Soma Ghosh - Career Happiness Mentor


Feature: Your Health Hit

Pick up some Protein

Eat Protein with every meal 

Protein is the building blocks for your muscles, but it also fuels your hormones. Hormones control the time you wake up, your feelings, sex drive and lots more, so wouldn’t it be best to feed these hormones with exactly what they need to help you feel at your best. 

The first 40grams of protein you eat daily supports your immune system, if you have a low immune system then increase your protein intake.  If your hormones are out of balance then you can feel terrible and diet has a huge influence on them.  Your best sources of protein are from organic meat, wild fish and organic or free range eggs and a good quality whey protein or hemp if vegan. 


6 July 2017

Feature: Fashion With Carrie

How to style up that summer jacket

My personal style is pretty classic. I mostly wear black, white and denim. I have a huge collection of plain t-shirts, statement t-shirts, shirts and jeans. I love a good jacket too. They are such an important investment piece. So, here is my edit on the key summer jackets for 2017.

The denim jacket has become a real hero piece in my wardrobe – it takes me through all sorts of looks. At the moment, I am massively in to an oversized fit, with vintage detail, I can just chuck it over my shoulders and wear with pretty much anything. Paired with my pleated metallic skirt and simple heels, it is the perfect meeting look for me. I feel really put together and can ease my way to drinks and dinner in the evening.


Interview: Helen From justsayingmum


3 July 2017


We sell fair trade Moses Baskets which are handmade in Ghana. Each basket takes four days to weave using traditional techniques and natural plant dyes. The artisans are paid appropriately for their work and skills which enables them to support themselves, their families and local communities.

Because they are handmade, each basket in unique. Unlike so much of the plastic we buy for babies, which ends up in the loft, Tilly + Cub baskets will become part of the family. Once the baby has outgrown it they're perfect for toy storage, or a snuggly toddler hang out (my 2.5 year old loves sitting in her's with the IPad). 


Feature: Beauty and Wellness


30 June 2017

The Confidence to Choose

I’m just going to warn you now that this is a post about feeding your baby in the first 6 months of their lives. It’s not a rant about how if you don’t feed your baby breast milk that they will have an ear infection until they are 18. It’s just a post about my experience of feeding my 3 babies in the first few months of their lives and what I have learnt from each experience. I was inspired to write this by Sophie from @Bad_Mum_ magazine who posted a beautiful illustration by @memyselfandernest (to see click here.) 

Now I love Instagram and many blogs and Selfish Mother and I love to see everyone’s posts and read their blogs as much as I can and I always try to comment and like if it feels right and genuine. BUT I tend to hold back on certain issues as there is just so much bloody opinion out there and so many feels like theirs is the most important. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to an opinion and it’s their decision to express it exactly as they want but social media for me is all about positivity, support, love and humour and not getting on my soap box.

I was actually moved to comment on this little pic, because I had 3 very different experiences of feeding my babies and I have actually covered most feeding bases with each child and I'm proud of each one. Purely because I had enough courage to follow my gut instinct on each baby. So, here goes….. here is my story. I will try and keep it sharp but apologies in advance if its deathly dull and I won’t be offended if you stop reading. But I also hope that someone somewhere might take comfort or confidence from this post.

With my first son Bobby, like a lot of others with their first baby I was determined to breastfeed him. I did all the text book NCT classes and I was also lucky enough to get free antenatal classes through the midwife team I was assigned to. This was in 2009 and that time, Breast was MOST definitely best. To the point that if you chose to formula feed your baby in hospital you had to provide the formula and bottles etc.

After 52 hours of induced labour Bobby was born by C section at 38 weeks weighing 8lb 13. Labour and birth choices is a whole other bag of worms… sorry blog post, maybe I might write about that one day.

Anyway, he latched on within 10 minutes in recovery. I was elated. After that he slept for 24 hours. The midwives and breastfeeding consultants were not happy with this. They kept waking him up and forcing my dustbin lid nipples in his mouth and he was having none it. They were forcing him to cry to apparently ‘open his lungs’ so he would latch on. After a lot of breast feeding bullying, at 4am when no one was about I quietly latched him on and all was good. Until the next morning when I was told I had done it wrong. Done it wrong? Apparently I had to hold my massive nipple like a cookie….. a giant fat boy Millie’s cookie. Otherwise it was unhygienic. What the F***? Unhygienic??? I can say that now as I’m 3 babies down the line. I just couldn’t understand as he was latching on perfectly and was actually feeding and not crying. 


Monthly Horoscopes With Russell Grant

Russell Grant's Monthly Horoscopes July 2017


29 June 2017

Feature: Made For Parents

Gro egg Room Thermometer

How long and how often your baby sleeps through the night is a very popular discussion topic for most new parents. Ensuring that your baby is comfortable and staying at a steady temperature throughout the night could help you in implementing a good steady sleep routine.

According to the Lullaby Trust, a charity based in the UK providing information to parents about safer sleeping for babies, room temperature is an important factor to consider when reducing the risk of SIDS. They say the perfect temperature for a baby’s room should be between 16 and 20°C and that this should be combined with a lightweight baby sleeping bag or secure light bedding. 


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28 June 2017

27 June 2017

Feature: Your Health Hit


Homemade Healthy Nutella is a favourite of mine as I can recreate it at home easily, and both my son and I can enjoy a little treat together. The usual Nutella is delicious but packed with sugar and processed fats, so have a go at my version and I promise you will love it too. Then smother it over some pancakes, or just eat it from the bowl like me!


26 June 2017

Review: bakerdays


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So, who knew it was so hard to fall pregnant?
At school it was drummed into us that 'if you have sex, you WILL fall pregnant! FACT! Based on this sterling sex education I spent my late teens and early twenties paranoid that good old flow wouldn't show.
Fast forward to our wedding when the hubby and I agreed to start Project Baby B. The glove was off! I was sure to have a bun in the oven by the time our honeymoon was over. Alas! It wasn't as straight forward as we were always told; who knew?
Falling pregnant is difficult and what makes it so much worse is that the feeling of total and utter disappointment coincides perfectly with you feeling like a total shit-heap of an emotional mess! I became obsessed; I downloaded apps (as if these even exist), brought ovulation tests, conception vitamins and generally acted like a total maniacal woman.
I spoke to friends about how I felt, as though my body was failing me and I was feeling worse and worse every month. Everywhere I looked people had bumps and were gleefully announcing their pregnancies whilst I hid in the nearest toilet to cry. The only advice was 'have loads of sex, it will happen'. That's terrible advice. What I needed to hear was; do you know what Amy, it is a painful journey but it will be so worth it.
Instead I kept crying in toilets. I know of so many couples that struggled a hell of a lot more than we did and I honestly have no idea how they didn't fall apart. Eventually I gave up mentally. I was defeated. Not to sound too cliché, but this was when I fell pregnant - instantly!
Once I was pregnant I began to hear all the stories of how hard people found it. It is almost as if it is some sort of secret club and you don't know until you know. I wish it had been made more open and then maybe I wouldn't have raked myself over the coals and got so worked up over when my core temperature was at it's peak. Maybe I would have been able to enjoy the process just a little bit and not had to hide in so many bloody toilets!
Motherhood is such an amazing community but my word, is the journey there awfully lonely.
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