23 January 2017

Feature: Down At The River

Today I have a feature from my girly Stacey from Down At The River. This is where my brilliant Bad Mum bracelet comes from! 

Please enjoy! 

Hey loves,

My name is Stacey I'm 32 and a Mumma to two young babes. My first born, Ryver is the inspiration behind my brand Down At The River. 

We live just outside of Cardiff, South Wales and purchased our first home whilst I was on maternity leave. 

As my journey in to motherhood began, there I found myself. Sat in a new property (which needed a shit load of work doing), love drunk, overwhelmed, sleep deprived and covered in breastmilk! 

I was riding that crazy wave of emotion. You know, that huge 'ain't nothing the same round here honey' wave of emotion. The one that hits you when you’re figuring out life with a tiny, new, life dependant human in it. I knew I felt different.

It took a while to figure out, at first I put it down to my hormones. Of course I was going to feel different, right? 

Until, eventually it dawned upon me. 

Now, I've always considered myself a bit of a creative person; I love to write, styling & design are right up my street, I'm a home maker, a bit of a cook and generally (as mild as it might have been) have always channelled my inner exhibitionist but, this…….. this was different?

What I was feeling was desire.

A new passion, and not just for myself. A feeling stronger than I'd ever experienced. A longing desire. 

A desire to make Ryver’s life & environment as loving, positive, supported & free as possible. Motherhood had changed me. I felt ignited!

From there, Down At The River was born. I consider it a lifestyle brand. Everything I offer I design myself. 

My idea is; to promote a more positive way of living. Not only through offering products centred on positive affirmations but through sharing experiences, talking taboo, being real about life & parenting. Whilst reassuring, encouraging, supporting & inspiring others.

For me, Instagram was a great place to start. Granted, it’s not all emoji hearts & kisses but there are a truck load of supportive, like minded Mumma’s out there. 

Of course, building a brand can be hard going. There are days when I wonder if it's worth the effort. It can be tiring & thought consuming (and that's before you throw the babes, the husband, the house & part time job in to the mix) but it can be thrilling, satisfying and wonderfully rewarding.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this. If you have a desire, a longing, a feeling, a creativity (surely we all do?) run with it! 

Head towards what you strive for; set goals, take it a step at a time, talk (!!), keep talking, ask questions & congratulate yourself on the little things.

As you pick up memento, it gets easier, you let go a bit more & you're motives grow stronger.  

Since setting out, my tiny tribe has grown and with baby Forrest sat along side baby Ryver my quest to inspire through design couldn't be stronger. Your desire will too, grow stronger!

Stop worrying about the what if's and sure as hell don't give a second though to what others might think. Focus on your inspirations. I worried for too long and it held me back.

Stop worrying it's wasted energy. Who cares? Life is short. This is your passion, your time. Your journey. Start today. Do it! 

Big Love,

S x

If you would like to visit Stacey at Down At The River please visit here.

If you would like to feature on Bad Mum magazine please email me. 


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