5 January 2017

Huge welcome to...

Hello and it is so nice to be back! 

My son is back at preschool (thank fuck for that) and I am back at my desk for a whole FOUR hours (well apart from going to the loo, making a drink and probably watching at least one programme on my own and with my feet up...OK, well 2.5 hours at the desk!) 

It is so good to be back! I hope you all like my new "look", the competition (see Bad Mum instagram for details) and my snazzy mug, that seems to be very popular (even though I haven't sold any yet!) I am hoping 2017 will bring great things! 

So, let's kick off the new start with a very honest guest post from a returning guest, Rebekah Smith from bump2baby2 (on instagram.) 

Over to you my lovely! 

The definition of motherhood:



1.the state of being a mother; maternity

2.the qualities or spirit of a mother

3.mothers collectively.

For me its more like a secret club which everyone thinks they know all about, but really you only ever know the truth in the weeks/months/years that follow your first child beginning its life with you. 

Embracing the spirit of a mother and the fact we all want the same thing i.e. to be a successful parent should mean entering a collective group of other mothers should be an enjoyable experience. Women sharing their highs/lows and understanding the realities of the job faced by us mums each day. Maybe its just me, but the reality of attending any function, place or group which attracts other mums is something I can only compare to the joys of being a teenage girl or encountering what I like to call the 'Mean Girl' mums:
  • bitchy
  • competitive
  • judgemental
  • unforgiving
  • gang driven
So, why so much hate amongst fellow mothers? Surely we should all be over the teen angst and insecurities of adolescence. My heart should not literally sink when I see 'certain known offenders' entering a room 😭! What should be an enjoyable hour (or two) out of the house letting kids play and interact, more often than not quickly descends into a virtual minefield. The only difference being the weapon of choice are tutting, huffing, puffing, overly loud commentary of what child A has done to child B and other unnecessary bullshit?! 

My eldest is a boisterous terrible-two nearly three-nager, I fully appreciate he is badly behaved 50% of the time at the moment. This is not from a lack of trying on my part - I spend most of my week travelling to and from the naughty step/room/corner or fireman's lifting him out of places due to repeat offences. If you're reading, thinking 'silly cow - just stop going and putting yourself in these situations' please be aware that in any local area there are very few groups which cater for those in the under 5 age bracket and even less that are suitable for both toddlers and babies. So when you find a good one and word spreads its inevitable you will end up with the same bunch of bastards most days, so not going is like a form of house arrest or solitary confinement - surely that is not what a motherhood or equally a childhood should ever feel like.

What do I hope to achieve by writing this? 

Well, I hope that if you are a slightly overprotective judgemental parent(nothing wrong with that); tutting and sighing your way through situations - maybe just take a moment to think that one day your child will do the same and show a little more understanding and kindness to the poor parent who is clearly not having the time of their lives in that highly deserved hour out of the house, and if you're a mum like me who is embarrassed or sick of feeling the eyes of cliquey mums discussing your parenting - you're not alone! We could form our own group... I'm pretty sure ours would outnumber theirs within minutes!

I am there with you and I will join your gang! 

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