19 January 2017

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Hi all, today I have a guest post from Amie (mommaaday at Instagram) about the realities of having a big family! 

Over to you lovely! 

Life With Four

My mom always said the more children you have, the easier it gets.. ha if only I knew now what I didn't know then! I suppose in a teeny tiny way she is right, the more you have they just have to fit in with the already hectic life you lead!!!

I'd always planned on having lots of children as I'm from a large family myself and nothing is more satisfying than a noisy, busy house full of children's laughter. Now back to reality! It may not be laughter that fills my house all day everyday but my ever bellowing voice that gradually gets louder and  louder every time I shout! I try not to post perfect pictures of my life on Instagram as it's just not real! There may be a tiny corner of a room that's not covered in toys, crap or crayon on the wall but my home is lived's not a show home! 

We have days where everyone gets along and we do lots of baking and crafts and everything is lovely and then other days come along and we can barely have 5 minutes where one of the kids isn't  crying, screaming or bickering! My elder two girls are 6 and 7 and can pretty much sort themselves out if they can take their eyes of these silly You Tube channels they have just discovered. And my younger two are 1 and 2 and are constantly fighting over my affection! After having 3 girls , we finally produced a son and I'm not sure if its a boy thing or a fourth child problem but he is literally stuck to me like glue. Trying to get anything done whilst he is awake is near enough impossible! My Ergo baby carrier has been the best money in my 4th pregnancy I have ever spent! It's used on a daily basis just to make the tea sometimes!

As hectic as my life is with four little people to mother, I wouldn't be without them. They all keep me on my toes and have made me who I am today...a raving lunatic!!

I have suggested a 5th to my husband but I think the colour draining from his face said it all!!

Amie x


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  1. Ha ha and you always make it look so easy and are so chilled out


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