31 January 2017

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Hi everyone, I have a guest post from Louise from lulubonbon2 on Instagram, all about finding her toyboy and becoming a Mother later in life. 

Take it away! 

On being a"vintage mum"

I was 40 when I had my daughter. I've never really been broody, in fact prior to becoming a mum I wasn't even sure if I wanted children .. or even liked them. I think if I'm honest, I didn't allow myself to think about babies because for a long time I was single it wasn't looking like an option for me.. so I carried on with life, and a pretty good life it was too. It was good because I had rebuilt it, at 35 I came out of a long term relationship, moved back to my mums.. and things were not going according to my life plan.. far from it.

At 37, I had my own home, a good job in London and a big smile on my face, I was back...and  I decided to look into the options of having a baby alone.. again I wasn't sure what I wanted to do but I was getting older and I just didn't want my choices taken away from me. I'd met a guy at this point, he was 13 years younger than me and no way was he going to be ready for a family... or so I thought.

Thankfully I was very wrong, probably the only time being wrong has felt ok, and we had a baby together, and we loved being parents so much, I was pregnant again 7 months later.

I wasn't one of these career orientated women who put their jobs first.. I was just a "me" orientated woman who simply put me first and I just hadn't met someone I wanted to settle down with.

So at 42, I have two daughters and I'm loving every single second of being a mum. If I had a choice I would have done it earlier, just by a few years, mainly so that I could have had another baby, so my body doesn't ache as much, and so that I could be around a lot longer for them.. but on the plus side , I have lived  a very full life, and experienced many many many things, good and bad which makes me feel that I am armed with enough stories to be able to guide them with some sound advice should they need and I'm really bloody content in my own skin which maybe I wouldn't have been had I had my babies when I was younger.

And.. I get to marry my toy boy later this year.... it's taken me a while but I think I might finally be a grown up.


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