26 January 2017

Mothers Meeting

Hi, today I have Jenny from Mothers Meeting featuring on Bad Mum! Jenny kindly agreed to let me feature the website and book. Again, unless you've been living underneath an Instagram rock then you will certainly know who this lady is...bit like Mother Pukka...legends!

I have read this book and it is so easy to keep going back to time and time again. 

Thank you lovely lady! 

About Jenny
Author Jenny Scott is Founder, Leader, Facilitator and the Mothership Captain. She is an all round inspiring down to earth influencer with the aim of rallying mothers from all over the globe to never quit on themselves.  Being part of the mothership means living your life with full force and never without the friendship and fun of Mothers Meeting.
Since the launch of Jenny’s 2014 book “How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool”, a parenting survival guide for a new breed of mums, the Mothers Meeting network has grown from big to huge.  Leading regular MM events with her cool and crisp energy, Jenny vows to maintain a non-fluff space for mums, making MM the antithesis of a yummy-mummy-club or stiff networking event.
Like its’ Founder, MM is a breath of fresh air offering an infectious welcoming approach for the hundreds/thousands of women who depend on its’ powerful events and workshops held consistently throughout the year.  As Jenny so aptly says, “just quit the guilt and join the gang at Mothers Meeting”.
Jenny Scott has spent the past 12 years working as an art director and designer for many global, high-profile brands, such as fashion designer Gareth Pugh, Nike, and Coca Cola. Three years ago she started the parents and events communications agency Mothers Meeting, to connect with other creative, interesting mums. She lives in London with her son and daughter.

How to embrace motherhood and still be you
By Jenny Scott
Published by Hardie Grant on 13th October, £12.99 Hardback
When successful creative director and graphic designer, Jenny Scott, had her first child she found her busy work and social life replaced with daytime TV and websites on nappy and nipple creams. After searching for a support group where she could meet women intent on embracing motherhood, whilst sharing similar interests and hobbies, Jenny decided to create her own social network that focused on the mother as her own person and not just a ‘mum.’ Mothers Meeting was born and, for over three years, has created a stimulating, engaging and supportive environment that help mothers of all ages meet like-minded women intent on keeping their cool.
How to be a Hip Mama without Losing your Cool brings together Jenny’s network of amazing women from all backgrounds, shapes and sizes, and shares their advice on embracing motherhood whilst still keeping their own identity. From finding out your pregnant to post-pregnancy exercises, beauty advice to birth planning, Jenny and a whole host of mama friends reveal the key ways to motivate, encourage and support those facing or going through the challenges of motherhood. From personal ‘labours’ of love to what motherhood means, How to be a Hip Mama without Losing your Cool answers the challenging subjects of breast-feeding, maternity leave and baby blues and offers help on starting your own business, staying healthy, working out during pregnancy and much, much more.
No-one said motherhood is easy and this mama’s manual is the ultimate support system that unites and empowers women with babies as well as those without! Be inspired by the huge number of unique women who understand that being a mother isn’t just about raising a child, it’s about staying true to who you are whilst dealing with the demands of everyday modern life.


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