23 February 2017

Feature: Insta Shops!

Behind every small business there is a story. I am intrigued to learn more about these stories and find out just who the people are who create these amazing small shops that we have come to love. 

Every sale leads to the owner doing a 'happy dance' so I am reliably informed. Every sale is a direct contribution to an individual family and a boost to those whose dream it has been to start a new venture. 

Who knew instagram hid a secret world of shopping? Not me! In the 2 months I have known I have become a self confessed insta shop addict. 

I want to share some of theses amazing people and their insta shops with you. So each week I hope to introduce you to the person behind another amazing shop.

First up we have NCDF Made with Love.

 This is a small shop selling handmade baby clothes at affordable prices.

Who is behind NCDF and what does it stand for?

The creator is 29 year old Nicola Metcalfe.

Nicola lives in West Yorkshire with her Husband Chris and two sons, Dylan (9) and Fynley (5 mnths).

NCDF stands for Nicola, Chris, Dylan, Fynley.

So what was Nicola's inspiration to start this small business?

Nicola Says; 
With my first son I was very young. I grew up with 3 sisters and had no boys around so when dressing my son, I played it safe and just went with baby blues and stripes for all his clothes.  

After becoming pregnant with my second child and finding out it was a boy I decided to look for something different. I wanted unique clothing that was different from the cliche of boys items sold by big retailers. I looked at handmade clothes and was shocked at the cost, they were just not within my budget.  

After searching for a long time, I came across a wonderful lady who sold the most beautiful fabrics. I bought the cheapest sewing machine I could find and just began making my own. 

I loved them, it became an addiction. I began to share some pics of the clothes on Facebook and Instagram and people showed a genuine interested.  My husband told me to just go for it and try making an outfit for someone, so I did.

When did you start up as a small business?

I started this in May 2016 and began selling one or two a week. But now thanks to social media and the online community spreading the word, I make around 50 a week.

Wow that's impressive. Is this your full time job or something you do in addition to another position?

I am currently on maternity leave from having my second son, so this has been something I have fulfilled from home alongside being a mum. However, I am due to return to my previous full time job very soon so it will become a part time venture for now.

Do you pre-make items?

As all items are custom I do not pre-make make anything. People usually like to discuss things first with me. Each item is specially made for that customer.

What kind of requests are you asked?

I get a lot of messages asking for special orders such as aeroplane fabric for their babies first holiday, rooster fabric for the new Chinese year etc. If i can source the fabric they want I am willing to do it.

What variety of items do you currently offer?

At the moment, I make leggings, bibs, hats, rompers and dresses.  
Shortly I will start making small blankets from jersey fabric.  

What does the future hold for NCDF?

Although I am still small in comparison to some of these shops, it is obviously progressing.

Im unsure what the future holds but for the moment I am still sat at my dining room table with my machines listening to all the wonderful songs on Disney Junior.

Have you enjoyed working from home?

I have found that being solo in this business is extremely time consuming. I work double the number of hours than your standard 9-5! But I love it.

It has allowed me to take my child to and from school every day, to go to school events and to watch every new thing my baby does. I have the flexibility to nip out for a coffee with my sisters if I want to. So I have enjoyed it, yeah.

Do you have anything planned for NCDF in the future?

I am really hoping to get to 1000 followers very soon. When I do I intend to search for Brand Reps and Enthusiasts, that love my items and want to support and spread the word for small businesses.  In return, there will be lots of freebies and big discounts on purchases for them.

I once participated as a customer in a market night event you did. Will there be any more?

That was my first and I absolutely loved it so I do intend to do another very shortly.  

Where can we find you?
Facebook: NCDF_made with love
Instagram: @NCDF_madewithlove

Thank you Nicola for being our first insta shop and lettings us get to know more about you.

I highly recommend her clothing, I have purchased from her for my twins not long ago. 

She does a fab Twin offer. BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE (as long as same main fabric is used, cuffs can be different).

Go support Nicola, you won't be disappointed. 

If you know any fab insta shops that you would like to see featured here, email me at or DM me on instagram @twinsagainuk. 


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