17 February 2017

FEATURE: Wake Up Gigs - For parents!

Hi all, sorry for the lack of posts this week but every time I go near the computer I hear "Mummy Cbeebies now?" because he wants to play the game on here! So sorry if this is rushed at all! 

Today, I have a feature from Wake Up Gigs for parents (sounds heaven!) 

Over to you! 

Wake Up Gigs!

Adam and I live in Stratford with our 18 month old son Edwin. Since having him we've found it's been a bit difficult to find as much time to enjoy the night life that we enjoyed, particularly going to gigs to see live artists. We've found that people whose life circumstances mean that staying out after 7PM is no longer viable as with full time jobs and bed times, it's increasingly difficult. This cuts out a huge potential audience for the live music scene which has dominated the world since the birth of pop. We've missed going to gigs so much that despite having no experience in the industry whatsoever we've set up our own! 

Therefore we launched Wake up Gigs, bringing reputable new live bands and artists to parents in a comfortable venue. We think music is more than just for festival season and should be available to all throughout the year in a city like London. We believe parents should be able to enjoy live music with their families as they did when they were child free! 

We had our first event on Sunday 13th November and we were lucky enough to have MALKA ( wonderful Shanade Morrow as well as a trio called the Pips. Importantly we believe the artists should be paid fairly, and offer a flat fee. Our launch was at Concrete, Shoreditch, we raised over £600 pounds for Barnardo's and the feedback from parents was so positive. 

The launch was such a success that we will be hosting again on Sunday 5th of March with three new artists (Joel Sarakula, Itchy Teeth and Peluche), with profits to Barnardo's.

For more info please contact Adam and Sarada at wakeupgigsldn for all the details! 

Thank you! 


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