13 February 2017

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Hi all and happy half term. How is everyone surviving? 

Today I have a guest post on the subject of values from Tracy(tracyj_1980)I asked Tracy to write this for Bad Mum magazine after seeing a comment Tracy made regarding this subject. I think it is really important at the moment and what are teachers meant to teach the kids of today? This is great, enjoy!

Values – has anyone seen them?

It has become apparent in recent times that we seriously need to have a good hard look at our so-called Great British Values; something most brits are very proud of.  But, what kind of fecking message are we really portraying to our children – the future decision makers?  I`m a primary teacher who like (most) people has been struggling to get my head around what is going on in this madness we call the world.  Why? Okay, we (Parents, teachers anyone who cares), are proud that we are primary figures instilling the positive and Great British Bakeoff Values into the minds/lives of our future, right?!  Okay how do we deal with this...

This next part is set on the school playground:
One day a boy called Omaha announced that he was leaving the school.  Most of the children were very sad because Omaha was a very kind, fair and friendly boy.  Some of the mean children who liked to bully other children didn’t care; they were happy no one would be around to stop them bullying the weaker and more vulnerable children. McDumps cousin who lived in France, Mariana LePenne even emailed McDump writing only LOL you are lucky AF now.

The day Ohama left, most children, who had (just about) come to terms with their friend leaving, gave him a hug and say goodbye.  The head bully, McDump, hatched a plan: I am going to rule the playground.  It will be mine, all mine.  In short, he banned all children who were not Christian or who followed his every word.  He searched those children each day, stealing money and sweets from those he found ‘useful’ and he tormented and bullied all of the other children; some because they had a limp, some because they wore headscarves…I’m sure you can see where this is going?  He even tormented girls by chasing them around, and lifting their skirts to show everyone their pants while bragging about it to his friends. 
One day the head teacher called McDump to see her.  Everyone held their breaths, this was it, this was going to be the end of the harassment, “this is our chance!” said little Javier who had been bullied for eating tacos for lunch.  However, things did not quite go to plan for the children and McDump left the meeting smiling from ear to ear.  Of course, his daddy was on the school board of directors, he was the assistant heads husbands boss, etc etc the list went on.  The pain commenced, things got worse the ‘other children’s’ little voices were lost…

Now change the names with the obvious Obama, Trump, Le Penn, May and you get my picture. You figured it our right). 

As a teacher, in school we would be dealing with issues like this, taking great care to talk about kindness, fairness, tolerance, friendship, accountability, trust, respect (and a few more).  All children would have their chance to voice their views and the situation would be dealt with fairly.  Oh! But what about in REAL life like WTF!!!  What am I supposed to teach the children?  It`s okay to bully?  It’s okay to discriminate?  It`s okay to touch people whenever you like?  You must keep your opinions to yourself?   There are so many morals and values being broken or thrown to the wind right now that it gives me goose bumps.  We have literally started to go backwards. 

I look at my class, some of which have (unknown to them), been recently banned from travelling to the US because someone doesn’t like/trust them/their religion.  These children are innocent, waiting for us to teach them the values for being a good citizen and I feel very very sad.  We must speak up, we must keep moving forward, we must use our voices.  We cannot let our future down. Love Trumps Hate.


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