6 February 2017

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Today I have Lauren from This Girl Is Enough (Instagram) supplying us with her guest post all about us girls not feeling good enough when we bloody well are!! 

This Girl is Enough

What is the delio with us women all feeling like we’re not enough?

I’ve now hit the ripe ‘old’ age of 43 and I’m calling bullshit on us fucking incredible beings, not feeling like we’re enough!

I’ve spent far too many years of my life telling myself (yep, most of how we are judged is self-inflicted) that I wasn’t a good enough daughter, friend, girlfriend, wife, mother, step-mother, and now I stand for it no more, and I want you to join me in the This Girl Is Enough revolution!

We are living in a world where we define ourselves by followers, likers, stones, sizes and what we feel we have to give. It total undermines all that we are, all that we DO have to give and us as whole and unique individuals.  

Sure my thighs touch each other, my teeth aren’t anywhere near where I’d want them to be, I’m pushing a size 14 and when I do crack out the liquid liner my winged look is far from on point BUT, I’m kind, I’m generous, I’m loyal, I’m an awesome wife and the best mother I can be, so all in all, I reckon that I’m totally enough!

This self-confidence and acceptance of my slightly quirky look has been a massive journey for me to take. I’ve had a shit tonne of therapy and years of self-exploration. I am, and I think I always will be, an ongoing work in progress and I’m OK with that. As the world around us evolves, so we should too.

Having watched too many women tear themselves apart through guilt and not feeling enough, losing days, months, years of their short lives talking bad about themselves, I’ve now found myself supporting women, helping them to realise that they are enough. I talk to women through my blogs, social media and community groups, sharing stories, supporting and gently nudging their enoughness out. And as this is such a massive topic and fundamentally important not just to us but to our daughters and granddaughters, I’m taking my message on the road.

I’m hosting (and speaking at) self created events. My events are non-profit, women only events titled ‘Self Love’. I really struggle to watch us women love others so freely and yet totally suck at loving ourselves? At the events there are speakers who will fill up your metaphorical cup, surround you with warmth and challenge you to love yourself a little bit more.

I really do think it’s time we all learned to love ourselves, warts and all, in a bid to live a more fulfilling, enjoyable, kick ass life free from the feelings of not being enough, and so I’d love to set you a mini challenge, it’s a really simple technique that’ll get you onto a starters block for self-love.

Here’s your challenge;

Get a cup of tea/wine/gin *delete where appropriate* and write yourself this list;

‘10 things you appreciate about you that make you feel good about yourself’

(top tip, I have my list printed out and stuck it on my office wall, daily reminders of how enough I am, boom!)

To sit with yourself and really seek out the good in you, is a bloody awesome way to remind yourself that you are enough, just as you are. That you have plenty to give, and that there is no room for beating yourself with feelings of guilt and self-doubt. That you don’t need to be ALL that is expected of you (self-inflicted or from society pressures) that it’s ok to NOT be ALL that is expected.

Take the pressure off, smile and repeat after me………

“I am fucking awesomely, epically enough”

To find out more about the Self Love events running throughout the UK in 2017 visit my website on


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