1 February 2017

The Little Reading Club

I was recently lucky enough to receive a bright red (and very sparkly) parcel on my doorstep from the lovely, The Little Reading Club.

This is a great book club for kids, where each month you will get sent a pretty package for you child. That part alone I love, as to tell your child they have something in post just for them will bring enough joy, even before they have opened it!

Once you open the red packaging you then find three books carefully wrapped up in colourful wrapping paper with a gift tag addressed to your child. This again caused my son, Jake to get so excited as he loves unwrapping “presents”.

He was delighted every time he unwrapped a book to find out what it was and what book it was. To see how happy, he was from a book was brilliant. I have always loved reading and just holding a book (instead of a tablet) and I always wanted Jake to read so he shares the same love as me. Lucky for me, he does!

The books that Jake received were; ‘Welcome’ by Barroux which “…is a gorgeous book that tells a story about the plight of migrants looking for a new start and a place to live.”

Also, ‘What A Wonderful World’ by Tim Hopgood which is based on the well-loved song, What A Wonderful World. The book is colourful and comes with a sing along CD too.

And, ‘Pass it on’ by Sophy Henn which encourages us to spot the beauty in the world, pass it on and then make someone else smile too! What a lovely idea.

We also got a Hungry Caterpillar doodle book as each month you receive an activity for the kids to do.

Prices start at £20.50 a month and you can choose which plan is suitable for you (you can also cancel at any time). Delivery is free to the UK.

This is a worthy investment as it always encourages your children to read new books each month, to spark their imagination and to keep them intrigued about life around them. They will get to know the bright red sparkly package is coming each month so it is like having a birthday every month – what more could they possibly want!

Jake and I are going to start ‘Pass it on’ tonight and I am really looking forward to it!

This is honestly a great idea and highly recommended!

Because the people at The Little Reading Club are so lovely, they have given all my readers a special discount code! Use BADMUM15 at the checkout to get 15% off any of the plans.

For more information please visit here

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