1 March 2017

Blogosphere Blog Awards 2017

Blogosphere is one of my favourite magazines and it is vital for any blogger in this industry. It shows you what a blogger can become, tips, stories, interviews and the cover star is always a blogger influence (with an amazing photo shoot too!) 

To get into this magazine would be an absolute dream for me! To me this is my goal, my aim and me reaching the top! 

Blogosphere magazine are hosting their very first blog awards! There are so many different categories to pick from from a book blog to a fashion blog. The ultimate prize is winning the blogger of the year award and you also win the hot spot on the COVER!! *pick myself up from off the floor*

Just to be nominated would be a dream and probably put a stupid big grin on my face for a long time. 

If you would like to nominate me for a parenting blog award or anyone else with a blog, please visit here.  

Thank you!


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