1 March 2017

Feature: Fashion with Carrie

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Over to Carrie. 

My 3 Fashion Essentials for the spring.

Spring is quickly approaching (how, how is it almost March?!) and that means a whole new wardrobe. Something about spring feels like the perfect time to shop for new items, play with new accessories (especially with London Fashion Week in full swing,) and even bring back some of those old layering favourites you haven’t touched since the autumn. I love layering, and can’t wait for the weather to get the memo and start warming up. If you are one of the many who are looking forward to this too I did some research and here are what I call the 3 Fashion Essentials for the spring.:

1.     A Good Pair of Jeans

Ok, let’s be honest, you probably wear jeans 90% of you waking life. So, it’s important to have a great pair that you love. Once you’ve found the right fit, not only do they look and feel great, they last. You may have a pair you lived in and loved last year. If not, I can recommend an array of wonderful choices just head over to and check out our selection, we have everything covered with a great size guide too.

2.     A Cool-Girl Jacket

My goodness, I do love a jacket. I’d almost call it an addiction. They are an amazing way to make a statement, add personality to your look and they keep you warm! We have an awesome oversized denim jacket with tiger motif but if you are feeling patriotic see our fab pleather American Eagle ensemble both definitely worth a look.
3.     Classic Tops on Repeat

Having some staple shirts, tee’s or cami’s that go with everything simplifies the “what-should-I-wear” morning dilemma and is a great investment in the long term. Fashion Playground has some great ‘classic’ tops that are versatile and on trend, hence why they made my edit.


Carrie x
Founder of Fashion Playground


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