19 March 2017

Feature: Looking After You!

I have a new feature for you AGAIN! This one is how to make time for you and looking after YOU! I need to do more of this. 

The features will be written by Katie (details below.) 


Since becoming a mummy I've had a tendency to plan everything. Everything needs to be just so in all aspects of my life. At home, my child, my family, the way I look and my clothes. I have always been a bit of a perfectionist but after a difficult pregnancy, a traumatic birth and a rocky start to my little boy's life it became worse. Now as I am writing this I realise that this was me trying to gain control over something that I could while allowing other aspects of life to tail spin around me. When things begin to get out of control I feel the familiar uneasy feeling in my tummy and my heart beats faster. My voice raises. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a control freak just someone who only has a certain amount of energy to give and who finds it challenging to let go when I feel like this. Autopilot turns on and I become a women possessed!

As you do when you are younger I used to think everything would be OK and everything would turn out OK in the end. I was so carefree! I was seriously ill in my twenties and this totally changed my perspective on life. I totally embraced life and all it had to offer. I was always helping others and trying to make a difference. After having a child I became so inward looking, I had almost shut down and was on survival mode. I couldn't see beyond my bubble. I'm sure a lot of women feel like this but it was a total contrast for me. Don't get me wrong I loved being a first time mum but I felt lost and totally unlike me.

Since an amazing trip to the Indian Ocean last November. I have acknowledged these traits within myself and began to share and let go of some of these feelings. Being in "paradise" with space to collect my thoughts and I began to look after myself again. I made a pledge to breathe and to find the woman pre-child deep inside that I knew was in there and eager to come out and play!

As mums we devote so little time to ourselves. We have very little spare time. Sometimes little money to be able to treat ourselves, especially when on maternity leave! The old saying of a happy mum means a happy family is totally true.  For me being "happy" impacts all aspects of our life. My first step to getting my mojo back was to acknowledge my issues and to accept and let go. I also needed to stop living and pining for my life pre child. This might have also been due to a move from London with a career to the countryside without one and figuring out what my future held. I now try and live in the moment and it has really done wonders for my stress levels!

Taking up yoga and breathing has allowed me to gain some "me time". I do twenty minutes in the morning before everyone wakes up. This headspace has allowed me to regain my interest in nutrition and gain some perspective. I think of three things I am grateful and thankful for each day. Finding time to do things for you and looking after you is hard. Even five minutes here and there amount up. I often multi-task, combining my treats with other things. I'm often cleaning the house while wearing a face mask! You have to be creative with your time. 

Looking after yourself for me is a journey. I am looking after my future as a mum by getting back to my creative roots. Creativity is calming and relaxing in my eyes. I aim to achieve my dreams of having my own business to inspire other families. "Katie's creative kitchen" is a hub of positive, easy, inspiring and creative ideas on things to do and make within the kitchen. Yes there is food, but there are also ideas for making homemade beauty and skincare products. It's as much for kids as for adults. Part of my looking after myself is rediscovering my spa and skincare therapy roots something I shelved when my dad died as it reminded me too much of him. Creating these products allows me time to myself, to feed my mind and soul and pamper me.

It has taken me almost four years to begin to look after myself again. Everyone is different, we all have different circumstances and different interests but over the coming weeks I hope to inspire you to join the campaign of "looking after number one" even if it is for five minutes! What do you miss? What's missing in your daily existence? How can you try to introduce it back into your life? Honestly, I know it's hard and I know it means sacrificing something but to break a cycle and to change a habit takes twenty eight days. Give it a go and let's start a revolution of #lookingaftermum

Written by Katie from @katiescreativekitchen


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