24 March 2017

Feature: Your Health Hit

My 5 top health myths totally busted, that will make your day!

#1. Stay away from the fattening Peanut butter. Reach for Almond Butter instead!

Poor old Peanut butter has had such a bad rap since Almond Butter came on the scene. But actually these two nut butters are basically equals nutritionally ( bar a few minor differences ), both should be used sparingly if you’re trying to keep your weight down, however can be enjoyed daily on rye toast, in your protein shake, smeared on celery or a piece of apple! Both are healthy protein packed choices ( go for organic where possible ). So it’s more of a taste, price and environmental impact preference. Almond Butter is more expensive and requires more water to grow.

#2. All chocolate is bad for you!

If you’re taking about the junk chocolate bar, then yes it is bad for you due to the likely refined sugar and additives. BUT quality dark chocolate on the other hand is incredibly good for you. And thank god because I struggle a day without it. It can have a profound positive affect on our health. Here are some of the benefits to eating a small amounts of quality dark chocolate daily: Maintains heart health, improves mood under pressure, modulates healthy blood flow so is good for the skin ( ironic right! ), contains powerful antioxidants, can act as a prebiotic, cellular repair and anti ageing ( YES! ) TIP: reach for the dark choice 85% or more with the least amount of sugar in it as possible. Sugar will undo all the above. There are so many great brands out there now without being loaded with sugar. Find one that works for your taste buds. I have an amazing recipe for Chocolate Spaghetti Bolognese! Nom nom nom.

#3. Missing breakfast helps you lose weight!

Breakfast is such an important meal. I bang on about this on my blog all the time. It’s also my favourite time of day. But it’s important because when we’re asleep, we are also 'fasting' for about eight hours, so it’s pretty important to break this by having some food when we get up. FACT: People who skip breakfast are unlikely to catch up on all the vitamins and minerals having breakfast provides later on in the day. A protein boost first thing in the morning boosts our natural metabolism for fat burning too. Win win!

#4. All processed foods are bad for you!

In some cases this is true, but a lot of processed foods are just as healthy, and sometimes even more healthy than fresh foods. This all depends on how they are processed and for what purpose was the food designed. For example, frozen fruit and frozen vegetables are usually processed within hours of being picked. Because hardly any nutrients get lost in the freezing process they stay very healthy. They are often cheaper for you to buy too, which makes them a fantastic option to help make up your 7 a day! I love to use frozen spinach and berries in my shakes, and the frozen berries in my pancake mixture are amazing! PS: Did you know that even oxygen has an E number, so not all E numbers are bad for us either. And there are many ingredients ( that we can’t pronounce ) that are naturally sourced compounds and ingredients. Therefore the saying that goes “ if you can’t pronounce it, then don’t eat it! “ also not entirely true. One of the ingredients of a all-natural banana is “3-Methylbutyl” which is a natural flavour.

#5. I have to exercise everyday or whats the point!?

Utter rubbish. Remember the 80 / 20 rule. If you eat a balanced diet ( most of the time ) and add even moderate exercise, such as walking, gardening, playing games, dancing or doing other forms of exercise can have fantastic benefits. Just imagine what walking the kids to school could do!
I track my progress on my apple watch and simply walking around the house and collecting the kids from school can amount to 15,000 steps and 10 hours of standing time. If you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your muscles then aim for a 20-45min ‘workout’ 3-4 times a week, mix it up with cardio, strength training and stretching, all of which don’t require the gym or equipment. The higher the intensity the session, the less the duration you need to workout. No excuses. Get to it!

For more rants from one busy woman and mum to another. Check out for weekly rants, recipes and workouts you can do with your kids! be healthy doesn’t have be boring! #choosebalance

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