31 March 2017

Feature: Your Health Hit

4 Secret Things Turning Us into Fat Mamma's!

It’s no secret eating donuts, diet drinks and left over kids dinner every day will contribute to making us fat, and if we are overloaded in too much sugar over a long period of time, this will also make us very ill! But lets put diet aside for a moment. Often diet, and our relationship with food, is the reactive symptom of something else going on in our lives!

As a mum of busy boys, always time poor and constantly on the go, I find that even my healthiest intentions and actions don’t always pay off. { aka I am only human } Like you, I’m busy with navigating my way through life. My weeks are busy building my ‘empire’ in just 18 hours per week ( it can be done ), whilst also filling my family’s fridge and plates with food, including trying to remember the 101 things nursery tell me to do ( costumes, cake bake sales, book swaps uurrggh! ), plus entertain two little maniacs under the age of 4 AND be an attentive friend and wife to my darling husband. Something has got to give right? ( yes, usually the cork in a bottle of wine.. but I digress )

Here are my 4 surprising facts that not only impact our eating habits, but are changing how our brain and body metabolise the food we put in it.

1. Sleep: Or lack of! I think the last time I slept in a truly quiet, undisturbed and dark room was years ago in a hotel on my own! When was the last time you slept in complete darkness? Not to mention undisturbed since having kids? The one thing we can control is the light. Sleeping in a bedroom that has too much light coming into it can mess with our melatonin levels which in turn screw with metabolism, in other words slow it right down! Try to black out your bedroom as much as possible and hide cellphone faces downwards or make the bedroom gadget free entirely.

2. Stress: Stress is SO underestimated. We often think it’s just something in our head, but stress is very physical and can flip a switch in our bodies from alkaline to acidic in a matter of minutes! Stress can be emotional ( too much going on ), physical ( strenuous exercise ) and environmental ( external toxins from chemicals and also relationships! ). When we say we “feel” stressed, it’s also the cortisol hormone levels increasing, sometimes to an unhealthy level, and cortisol can make us feel hungry ( it an also have the reverse effect! ). Breathe deep, count to 10, do some om’s and drink a large glass of water first, often we are chronically dehydrated, not actually hungry.

3. Indecisiveness: A lack of true desire can snowball into a state of flux. When we are in flux we feel scattered, out of sorts, overwhelmed and a bit lost. { Cue: open fridge while we procrastinate further }. If we want to make a positive change in our eating habits, we have to make a decision. Could be a small decision or a big one. Just make one! From this decision comes desire, which fuels belief, and belief drives our focus to the vision of our healthy strong selves. No one said making a decision would be easy. But it’s much easier than dealing with all that being indecisive brings.

4. Overweight friends: It’s human nature to mimic when in a relationship and to feel like we belong. Some of us are easily influenced when surrounded by people who are in a certain mindset of self sabotage. Don’t go ditching your friends, hell no! We can be easily influenced, inspired and empowered by someone who breaks the cycle for something more positive. Embrace your lovely friends, and instead make a decision together. Hold each other accountable for your health goals. We are more likely to succeed in our goals when we do it with a friend or partner. Seek out friends who might rub a little of their positive and supportive mindset off on you too.

So in summary, sometimes how we feel and our situational environment can impact what we put in our mouths, in turn impacting our health. We all deserve great health and with some small adjustments we can achieve it. C’mon girlfriends! Let’s make a decision to give ourselves the gift of more quality sleep, de-stress with a little pampering now and then and embrace our friends to make some healthy changes together. We all deserve it. You are bloody Superwomen!

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Written by Pieta from @bypieta 


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