13 April 2017

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Eco Warrior Baby


2015, I will always remember this year as the most wonderful year of my life. New York was my first adventure, I married my best friend drenched in sunlight, surrounded  by friends and family in Central Park. Shortly after returning home we found out we were expecting our first child.... Ezra. Becoming a mum has certainly made me ask a lot of questions. What kind of mum would I want to be?  What are the values I want to teach him and do I think he'd be proud of me?
I've always been really fascinated with the world we live in, how to protect it, how to take what we need without leaving a huge global footprint and investing back into it , what we take. That's why the organic clothing industry has me hooked ! Not only do organic products help reduce environmental pollution but the're also much kinder to your babies skin. Just  think how porous your babies skin is and then think of those pesticides used in the cotton that sits on top of it!  My one and only gripe with organic products is that they aren't always stylish. Its tough to find organic fabric and organic dyes at a reasonable price. So I thought to my self, it's time to put that dusty business degree of mine to good use, I wanted to supply organic products that looked great too. Enter..... ECO WARRIOR BABY ! All our products use organic cotton which means your baby looks fantastic and so does your global footprint

In Hope's words...

I've got two passions when it comes to my business, one is that everything we sell has an Eco friendly element, whether it's our organic cotton leggings, recycled cardboard in our vintage hanging frames or soya candles in our gift boxes. 

* My second passion is being real about parenting, when I had my first child 8 months ago I felt really isolated, everyone I met looked like they had their shit together, and I constantly felt like I didn't and that my baby didn't fit into what the parenting books said he should be doing and actually everything they told me to do, like putting in his own room and controlled crying, all felt very unnatural to me. 

So I launched our REAL milestone cards, later followed by our gift boxes which all come with a message that (hopefully) makes mums laugh, and feel less alone, these haven't all launched yet and they are due to launch next week! 

* My kinda girl! 

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