24 April 2017

Feature: Insta Shop

This week on the Bad Mum Insta shop feature we have the fabulous Harper & Carter

Introducing Chloe Wiltshire the young mum turned business women....


My name is Chloe, I am 20 years old from a little village near Saffron Walden, Essex. I am based at home, in my front room, so that I can keep an eye on my son, Carter, who is 17 months now. 

I started up shop at 27 weeks pregnant, July 2015, and I started off by making and selling simple items from cotton like bloomers, shorts and dresses. 

The name Harper and Carter was made using our 2 favourite names while I was pregnant. We didn't know what gender baby was, so these were our 2 chosen names. 

The inspiration behind what I do is that I always wanted to be able to make baby clothes, and when I was pregnant it just motivated me into doing it while I was on maternity leave, so that I could make some unique clothes for my baby! 

Harper and Carter has grown more than I could imagine in the short time its been open, and I have obviously become a lot more experienced with my sewing skills. 

I draw up my own patterns (templates) and come up with my own designs to try to differ from other small businesses.  

Right now, I make a whole variety of products ranging from shorts to tees and leggings and reversible jackets. My favourite item to make are my rompers! 

I have around 13 different style rompers, so there's something for everyone! 

I often get asked for custom orders which I usually always honour. This can be just a specific change to the product which the customer wants or even a name or personalisation added. This is one of my latest ventures and I hope to expand with the personalised designs. 

I also have a Facebook page and a group for little behind the scenes and a website which is linked on both of my social media pages. I sometimes also take my products to a local play group. 

I have recently my ss17 range, and some new designs for custom tees and rompers exclusive to H&C. These are exclusive to me because I made them myself using photoshop.

Instagram is where H&C started and has grown on there. At times instagram is a bit of a minefield and you have to be a bit careful but most of the time you have a whole load of support and it's amazing when you get so many comments on your posts saying they love it. It makes it all worth it. 

I have made a few really good friends from having my little business and they're super supportive and are now both my permanent reps too!

The best thing about having a small business is that I can stay at home and watch my son grow up, it allows me to choose my own hours and if I need a break I can take one, but most of all its the satisfaction of seeing happy customers photos and their comments on my products. 

The only negatives I would say are that, it can either be really busy or really quiet. When it does go quiet it feels a little strange and I feel a bit lost. The other downfall is when you get a rude or moody customer or someone who is accusing you of 'copying' when you know you have not. 

It's currently my only job. I used to work in a school as a midday assistant and at an after school and holiday club too, while babysitting on the side!

Keep your eyes peeled for exciting future plans.

Do check out my latest Collaboration with Dye me beautiful for tie dyed items.

Chloe x

Thanks Chloe for a wonderful insight into life behind H&C. Wish you all the best for the future.

If you know any shops that would like to feature please contact

You can find Chloe at @harperandcarterdesigns and for the full website click here.


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