28 April 2017

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Little Florence

Little Florence came about following the birth of my third child, Florence who we were told at five days old had down's syndrome. We could never have anticipated how Florence would change our lives - there's laughing (lots of laughing), adventures and a tonne of love. Little Florence family portraits are therefore a celebration of family and everything that is unique about each of us. 

All my illustrations are different, because we're all different and that's the best bit!

Taking a photo of all the family where everyone is looking, smiling, and ultimately happy with how they appear is virtually impossible. Not to mention actually getting everyone in the room altogether in the first place... well its a struggle. 

Little Florence is therefore the antidote to the family photo. Each illustration is unique and everyone is sure to be looking their best. Each person is instantly recognisable by their clothes and the hobbies and interests which I include in every portrait. No two portraits are ever the same.

Thank you Katie, I love your business and I instantly recognised this one of Mother of Daughters @mother_of_daughters


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