4 April 2017

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Hello I'm Sarah from Pineapple Lobster. Weird name I know. Its taken from my little ones nicknames, Penny the pineapple and Robin, who we oddly call lobster chops. I am an illustrator based in the West Midlands, slightly obsessed with colour and can usually be found hanging out by the biscuit tin. I draw lots of cakes, rainbows and anything colourful and turn them into prints and pretty paper garlands.

I started Pineapple Lobster a year ago after having my little boy. I had horrendous postnatal depression and massively struggled with being a stay at home parent. In my former life I served as a nursing sergeant in the Royal Air Force and I left my career to be at home with the children. 

It was a huge shock to my system being at home full time and I found it really hard! It's wonderful, magic, lonely and boring all rolled into one. Before I had kids, like most people, I imagined myself to be some sort of Mary Poppins mother. But it just didn't happen.I spiralled into a depressive hole and couldn't find a way out until I started drawing again. 

I've always been creative so set up an Instagram account to have as a little creative outlet. There it was- Pineapple Lobster was born and honestly, hand on heart, it saved me. 

The IG community is incredible and I've made some amazing friends. 

In December 2016 I set up my little Etsy shop and a real life functioning website and here I am. I'm able to be with my children whilst I work from home and it is everything I've always dreamed of. I stock my work in shops in Aberdeen and Cheltenham and my sales on Etsy have been amazing. I don't make too many plans, I've always just seen where the wind takes me. 

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook @pineapplelobster, my shiny website and my Etsy shop


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