6 April 2017

Feature: Your Health Hit

Spectacular Spirulina Pancake Recipe Exclusive to Bad Mum Readers:

I’m slightly obsessed with pancakes. My favourite time of day has become breakfast time with my family too. There is something so special about us all sitting down together, and equally devouring our brekkie, that leaves us all with smile on our face every single time. What a way to start the day. The kids love getting involved in making these too!

I’ve been practising pancake-perfecting weekly for about a year now, and my husband will vouch that I’ve got these pancakes down! Somehow, I seem to out-do the last batch just by adding in or switching out a few key ingredients as well as messing with the toppings which can really transform a humble pancake stack! And the fresh oozing berries embedded in the pancakes are heavenly as you bite into them.

My pancakes are not your ordinary pancakes. These are light & fluffy, full of health and flavour minus the refined sugar, gluten and dairy. You might joke these sound also “fun-free” but quite the opposite in terms of flavour. You and your kids will be pleasantly surprised how good these are. My pancakes are not only guilt-free, they are protein packed to boost your metabolism, help build lean muscle and are jammed with minerals and vitamins that will help balance your hormones, increase your energy levels AND support your immune system. “ WTF??” I hear you say.. I know, sounds too good to be true right! Well, it’s not.

To feed 2 hungry adults and 2 small children, give these a whirl next time you feel motivated to get busy with your blender.

Into a blender add:

6 large eggs
2 large bananas
6 heaped dessert spoons of porridge oats ( or a little more if you want it a bit thicker )
1 tsp baking powder
4 TBsp milled flaxseed
2 TBsp Chia seeds
1 TBsp Maca powder
1 TBsp Cinnamon
1/2 - 1 TBsp Spirulina powder ( add 1/2 first, add more if you like a greener colour, but taste test first, you shouldn’t really taste the Spirulina at all ) - you could also use Macha ( green tea ) powder if you don’t have Spirulina.
1 TBsp Coconut oil

* Optional: add 2 scoops of high quality undenatured protein powder, if you do this - add 1/2-1 cup of almond or coconut milk for better consistency too.

Whizz all the above ingredients in the blender until smooth and until it’s become a lovely limey green colour.

Add into the mixture 1 cup of frozen or fresh blue berries, and gently mix and fold in with a spoon.

Pre-heat a large frying pan with some coconut oil on a low to medium heat. Pour the pancake into the frying pan straight from the blender jug. I can usually fit 3-4 small pancakes on my frying pan. If you want to maintain the lovely lime green colour then cook to perfection slowly on a low heat, the aim is not to brown them! But if you can’t wait to get them in your gob then cook on a medium heat both sides for a couple of minutes until golden, will do the trick.

Stack 3-4 pancakes onto of each other for adults, and stack 2 for the kids.


Coconut yogurt
Toasted mixed seeds ( sesame, linseed, pumpkin seeds ) - simply add to a small pan on a medium heat and toss until popping and lightly toasted.
Hand full of fresh berries.
100% pure Maple Syrup or a really good quality honey like Manuka Honey ( for it’s healing properties )

Add a big dollop of coconut yogurt your stack, sprinkle fresh berries and toasted seeds on top. Drizzle your maple syrup or honey and.. EAT!

I have a few other pancakes recipes for you to browse from buckwheat to banana-free recipes. To check out what else is cooking go to and have a browse. My Candied Orange and Dark Chocolate gluten green pancakes are particularly famous in our household!

Happy family pancake making! Pieta x



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