31 May 2017

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Your Opinion On THAT Article: That Time When Mummy Bloggers & Brands Owned Reactive Marketing


30 May 2017

Monthly Horoscopes With Russell Grant

Russell Grant's Monthly Horoscopes June 2017


Feature: Fashion With Carrie

Trend Edit: Swimsuits


26 May 2017

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Your Opinion on THAT article: In and out of style

I thought long and hard before writing this. I've been wanting to write it for a while actually, ever since my Facebook feed has become over populated with articles written by various people on the way to bring up children. I don't know how the articles have found me to be honest, but found me they have and having read a few of them I find myself here, wishing to throw my opinion in (for what it’s worth). I almost didn't write what I've been musing over and then that Daily Fail article hit the internet highways, and suddenly it seems like now is the time.


23 May 2017

22 May 2017

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Interview: Natalie, Founder of Style Me Sunday

I have a great interview for you today from Natalie (@stylemesunday) who seems to be popping everywhere at the moment from an @olivelovesalfie event to filming for Ebay @ebay_uk She is one busy lady! 


18 May 2017

Business Feature - Interview with MyShowcase Independent Stylist Natasha Leger

Beauty, Business and Babies

The thing is there are so many of us now, and they all have kids - it’s the same story. What I am doing is building a really successful business on my own, as a personal Beauty Shopper and Independent stylist, and I am actually at the top of the league – it’s good, it’s really good”.

Natasha Leger went from PR for brands such as Ted Baker and Kickers for almost a decade, to one of MyShowcase’s leading Independent Beauty Stylists, Personal Beauty Shoppers and Entrepreneur in just over a year and is "Loving It!". 

I went along to meet Natasha and her gorgeous growing bump (soon to be baby number two), at Hampstead's hidden hotspot LLS Cafe, to discuss all things beauty, business and babies. Having first met Natasha at one of her charity showcases hosted by Nurturing Mums in aid of North East London Sands (Stillbirth & neonatal death charity), I was curious to know how and why she made the switch from corporate life to becoming her own beauty boss with a toddler in tow.


17 May 2017

Feature: Looking After You!

How to create a spa experience at home.

How is the #lookingaftermum going? Have you done much in the way of looking after yourself over the past few weeks? Life has been a little hectic for me and I’ve been neglecting myself a little.  I’ve had very little time to myself. So I decided to create my own home spa. This has been great for many reasons! As a mum you often find yourself short of time,with no childcare and if you are off on maternity leave, no pennies for an expensive spa trip!


15 May 2017


Hola! - I love saying that mostly because it’s the Latin in me I’m forgetting about in my old(er) age. My name is Leti and I'm the founder of The Inside Edit and Top 100 baby Products, I'm also Mama to two amazing children!

The Inside Edit is a blog my husband Zac and I started in 2016, it's about life in London and the search for all things inspirational and helpful. 

We write, we make short vlogumentaries and we love taking photos! Our blog also covers parenting stuff too - how to make it more fun with less! The Inside Edit gives you both perspectives, sometimes in the same blog piece and in the same video. Sometimes it’s peachy and at other times it’s full on mum vs dad!

I come from a background in fashion, having worked for, and Zac from property in central London. After becoming parents we decided to work together in trying to make lives for parents like us easier with, a ranking and guide to bring some sense to the madness of baby stuff.

Blogging came after, when people wanted to know more about us, and where hiding behind illustrations wasn't enough! In doing so we created The Inside Edit. So we’ve kinda done it the other way round with having a start up then becoming bloggers.

What we want to offer is honesty mixed with fun, we believe that parenting shouldn’t have to be such a struggle. Don’t get me wrong there are times... and I mean there ARE times, but why not embrace it and have fun with it. We try to find the humour in the challenges of modern day parenting and laugh at as much of it as possible. Well the alternative is sometimes is a lot more scary so that's the method for now!

I love my kids but I also love my life... or at least the one I'm trying to have (gosh that sounds awful) but it's kinda how we do the parenting thing - happy parents happy kids!

Instagram: @the.inside.edit 

YouTube: Click here


Feature: Word From The U.S!

When does a Cultural Celebration become a “Drinking Holiday”?

Remember last month when I talked about healthcare in the US? Well this past week Trump managed to pass his repeal of the ACA through Congress, which means that if it passes through the Senate then many of us are all fucked. I had some comments thrown at me last month in regards to healthcare not being “free” in Europe, which technically is true because it comes out of your taxes, but we pay taxes AND healthcare premiums here too, and these premiums will probably be going up again, or even become non-existent for many people. This means that people are going to be looking at thousands and thousands of dollars of healthcare debt again. That’s all I will say about that though, it’s just another hammer in another nail in our decision to leave as soon as possible. Mexico is looking increasingly doable nowadays. Which actually brings me to this month’s subject: the cultural appropriation of holidays.

I worked in the service industry for a long time, and my other half still does. There are certain days that you dread more than others, so-called “drinking holidays”, where people go out and get so shitfaced that they have no issues with passing out in droves in their own vomit in the gutter. These “holidays” tend to involve dressing up in ridiculous outfits and pretending that you come from a different country. You know where I’m heading with this, especially if you have been to the States at certain times of the year, I’m referring to days such as St Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo. (There is also a really, extra ridiculous drinking “holiday” called SantaCon, and if you have ever worked in a bar in NYC you know exactly what I’m talking about).

I’m English and although I have many close Irish friends, and have worked in Irish pubs, I have never been asked by anyone apart from an American if I would be “celebrating” St Patrick’s Day. But I can tell you, so many Americans become Irish on March 17th, and start drinking first thing in the morning. Now, there is nothing wrong with actually having Irish heritage or celebrating an Irish holiday because that’s where your ancestors come from (and there is a very large and very proud Irish American population in the US, with deep roots). There is nothing wrong with exploring folklore and heritage, understanding why this day exists and embracing what it means to the Irish. But there is something really idiotic about getting rid of any of the actual heritage and meaning of a holiday, dressing up in green and wearing a leprechaun hat, and getting so drunk that you end up face down in a pool of vomit somewhere.

Cinco de Mayo is another one. When I managed a small Mexican restaurant in Manhattan it was our busiest day of the year… I would schedule one bartender to squeeze limes all day and another to make margaritas, because even if all people wanted was to get wasted, we still wouldn’t stop making traditional fresh drinks from scratch. So you know, while people would walk in wearing fake moustaches demanding tequila, we would still respect them. 

Mexican Independence Day falls on September 16th, an easy day for me to remember seeing as my other half’s birthday in the day before. Cinco de Mayo falls on, well, May 5th, the day after my birthday (and yes, celebrating my birthday and working Cinco de Mayo always meant I celebrated a few days later). For some weird reason many people here in the US think that Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day, and therefore celebrate the day. Or others just think that its tequila day. If you ask people what they are actually celebrating (unless they are Mexican or of Mexican descent), they probably have no idea. Cinco de Mayo is actually the celebration of an unlikely Mexican win in battle over the French in the 1860’s. Nowadays it is celebrated in Mexico but not as a national holiday (apart from in Puebla and surroundings where the battle took place). It is also a day of celebration of Mexican culture in other parts of the world, especially in the US where there is a large Mexican and Mexican-American population. So it’s a great day to learn about Mexican culture in general, to support Mexican-owned businesses, and to really appreciate the depth of history that lies in the country. And a great day to really learn about tequila and how delicious it can be. 

But seriously, why on earth would you take the piss out of an entire population by renaming the day “Cinco de Drinko”, pour the cheapest tequila down your gob, and walk around dressed as the stereotypical Mexican? How would your regular US citizen like it if I decided to walk around on July 4th or on Memorial Day dressed as Abraham Lincoln, butchering the Constitution, and pouring bourbon down my throat? Sounds pretty stupid and disrespectful, right?

I don’t have any issue whatsoever with celebrating a holiday or a different culture or religious event. I love learning about other cultures and heritages. I love celebrating people and countries and events. What I don’t like is when people appropriate a certain celebration or holiday, strip it of any meaning whatsoever, and turns it into a reason to get drunk and actually make fun of where the celebration actually comes from. I would never tell someone what to celebrate or when to celebrate it, but come on, there has to be a better way to commemorate a historical battle or a patron saint’s day than putting on a fake moustache, chugging green beer and margaritas and waking up the next day wondering where the day disappeared to. It’s kind of insulting.

The US is such a huge mix of every single culture and heritage and history that you can think of… I’ve never lived anywhere else in the world where I can eat traditional food from anywhere, whenever, where I can hear 20 languages spoken in one subway car at any given time, and where I wouldn’t have a problem finding a newspaper in any language I thought of. I always loved walking through NYC at any time of the year and coming across street parties, and cultural celebrations, and all types of food. Stop by Jackson Heights at the end of the winter and you may come across (and join in) the Hindu celebration of Holi. If you walk through Chinatown in Manhattan or Flushing during Chinese New Year you will see beautiful dragons jumping through the crowds, a huge smash of colour against the winter faces. If the weather is nice you can see Eid celebrated in Prospect Park every year. And of course there are always the wonderful parades for St Patricks Day, Greek Independence Day, Easter, Halloween… And the beautiful celebration of Sakura Matsuri, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival, to name just another special occasion. And I could name another hundred, easily. So why, in a country so full of culture and traditions and heritages, have people reduced certain holidays to a day of drinking until you are stupid?!

I’ve been a little ranty these past couple of months, I know. This current administration is driving me bonkers, and I feel increasingly unsafe and unwanted here. However, there are some amazing things here, and I want to make sure that I cover those too. Next month you will hear about my absolute love for NYC and how everyone should visit the city at least once in their lives. 

Written by Jade @lunajadex

If you have an idea for a feature, please do get in contact with me.


12 May 2017

Do I need to trim my bush?

Well, after I posted a photo on Instagram of a tree I found, that strangely resembled a pair of legs and a lady garden, I realised we don’t discuss our bushes enough. 


11 May 2017

Advert: Supercharged Club

‘Post natal depression, bulimia, depression, divorce, anxiety disorder, body dysmorphia…you name it between Emma and Mary they have experienced it in some form or another. Which led them both to their chosen careers. 

What bought them together was firstly their children, both boys the same age, (which was super handy before they both started school, as this business has been built on laptops at soft play centres!)

Conversations we would have with our clients, about no time for themselves, feeling like they had lost themselves, their identity, and the constant message we get from the media about their ideas of ‘perfect’, constant comparison to others, making up stories in our heads…instead of just talking about it. 

Emma and Mary decided to take ACTION. The Supercharged Club was born out of the idea, that no one has their shit together, no ones life is ‘perfect’, so instead of fantasising about what we might/should/wish to do when we win the lottery…the 6 week online mission was the answer. 

Fully online, so can be done anywhere in the world, its a process of getting to know ourselves, every inch, every behaviour, every habit, every thought, changing beliefs, habits in our minds and bodies. Our clients call it ‘life changing’ and we are blessed and honoured to be part of their adventure. 


Interview: Olga - Big Fat Greek Mother

Well, wait until you see this crazy (and funny) lady! This my friends is Olga and she has many different characters; and I managed to tie her down for an interview... well I think it was her...


8 May 2017

Advert: Teenytot Living

I've always had a passion for retail and fashion, alongside Teenytot Living I am the head of Retail for a luxury RTW brand.  Becoming a Mother made me more determined than ever to launch my own brand. 

Teenytot Living launched in April and was inspired by my Teeny, Cameron, and our journey to create a unique and inspiring space for him at home.


Money, Sex and Honesty: Life Lessons For My Daughter…

  1. OK; let’s start with something a bit ‘superficial’ to capture your interest. Eyebrows DO NOT grow back. EVER. Take it from someone who has spent the best part of their life attempting to. If you over pluck, over wax, over anything then you’ve basically  fucked the main feature of your face and will subsequently forgo your entire expendable income on something to make them look like their old selves. Lucky for you, my darling girl, today’s products are much better than they were when I was experimenting with mine. Plus, I’m sure you will be a lot more  brow savvy than your silly old mother but still; take heed, filling in your threadbare brows with pencils, powders and pens grows incredibly weary after twenty years of doing it. I’d kill to get my bushy uns’ back.

5 May 2017

Feature: Beauty and Wellness

Travelling With a Child While Remaining Calm and Looking Jet Set. 


Interview with Milly Smith from the Selfloveclubb

Hi Milly, thank you for answering some questions for Bad Mum magazine; it is very much appreciated!


4 May 2017

Our Inner Roar

Have you experienced the cathartic effect of roaring? Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of opening the fridge door, usually when you're just about to snap, and unleashing the biggest lioness roar at the milk and veg. 

The day I discovered my inner roar started off quite normally. I just had Joe (3) and Amber (1) then but even though it was 3 years ago I remember it well. It must've been the afternoon as the mums were all walking past my house to collect their children from the local school around the corner. I had obviously been tested to new heights and basically snapped. The playroom was littered with plastic and my eldest was insisting on getting even more toys out, whilst hurling a toy golf club around. Of course it had to land on my face, causing my cheek to throb wildly. Weeks of accumulated broken sleep, the endless daily rituals of picking stuff up and the constant stream on demands resulted in me turning into a toddler myself. I royally flipped. The mums walking past my house were in for a right treat. They would've witnessed a ranting dishevelled woman, throwing armfuls of plastic toys out into her front driveway. They might've noted a bright orange toy golf club complete with green crocodile ball collector if they were able to take their eyes off crazy lady spouting gibberish. I have to admit it did feel quite liberating. I had to sneak back out later to sheepishly gather up the sea of scattered toys in case my neighbours thought I was running some sort of haphazard toy sale.


Feature: Fashion With Carrie!

4 Outfits That Go with This Season’s Hottest Shoe – The Mule

We were fortunate enough to make the fashion pages this week, a beautiful feature on wedding outfits. I loved the romantic theme the writer encapsulates in the piece and our metallic skirt was the main attraction (next to TopShop – amazing!) But, it got me thinking about this season’s hottest shoe the mule and how to wear it. So, I thought I’d share some quick and easy styling tips so we can all benefit from the trend.


1 May 2017

Interview with Anniki Sommerville

I was lucky enough to interview Anniki Sommerville (@annikiselfishmother) who is the Super Editor of Selfish Mother, and who has just begun on a new venture involving SEX; more below! 

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