22 May 2017

Advert: Bee and Blue Designs

Hi there, I’m Aiveen and I am the owner and chief button bouquet builder at Bee and Blue Designs. 

I live in Dublin, Ireland and I sell online, on Etsy and via my website . I like to call my bouquets ‘happy décor’ because that is the aim of my makes; to brighten up workspaces or windowsills with colourful happy button bouquets. 

I have always had a love of buttons and I have collected buttons since I was a child. After my children were born and my free time and social life took a hit, I found myself looking for something I could do at home that would keep my mind and my hands busy, especially in the evenings when all I seemed to do was watch TV. 

Bee and Blue was born when my button collection was growing at such a pace that I had to do something! With the help of my carpenter brother in law, I designed a tiny ‘studio’  in a bare alcove in my sitting room where I now sit most evenings to create the most colourful bouquets I can! 

The appeal of button bouquets is different for everyone. I have sold bouquets for weddings, flower girls, for mother’s day gifts, for grandmothers, for allergy sufferers, for births and graves; happy and sad occasions. 

One client referred to them as forever flowers and I love that idea. There is also a tactile element to button flowers. I love their chunky feel and the clicky sound they make. While I make custom bouquets in single colours, my best selling bouquets are the multi-coloured rainbow bunches.

On my website I also sell felt ball garlands and mini button bunting, both of which I love to pair with button bouquets to decorate everywhere from my car to my desk! I don’t reserve rainbow décor for my nursery!

You can see all my makes on 

I post daily on Instagram 

You can contact me about a custom order via Instagram or on

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