13 May 2017

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I’m Claire of Decal Folk and I design and create Wall Decals // Wall Stickers.  I design cool, creative and custom Wall Decals from a tiny hamlet in South Cheshire, from the Boot Room of my even tinier cottage! I’m surrounded by two castles, several farms and lots of beautiful countryside.. I love where I live as I’m a very (very!) outdoorsy person. I’m a total weekend warrior and you’ll find me, my son and his Dad and our dog up a mountain or riding downhill trails on our mountain bikes most weekends. 

After teaching in a primary school for most of my working life- I started to long for freedom- both creatively and with my work / life balance.  With the support from my fiancé (who worked in Graphic Design when were younger) I left my job and started Decal Folk! It is still evolving and growing but I LOVE it! All my designs are original – meaning they are designed by me and inspired by my son and our lifestyle and every time an order comes through I totally do that happy dance thing and feel so ecstatic that my designs are in people’s homes across the world! Occasionaly my work / life balance isn’t quite in check- (think late night completing of orders) but I am absolutely not complaining and would not change it!

As I said, I love the outdoors and feel inspired by the adventure it provides and I think this shows in my designs, I also dabble in cool-ness (think Batman / Star Wars) as I have a 13 year old son who is cool and I also draw inspiration by designing decals for him..

Along with the decals on my shop, I also design custom decals, be that children’s names in a Star Wars font, a family surname decal or a particular sized / shape design and ‘seasonal’ decals too.  I also create decals for businesses, be that exhibition stickers or I recently created some custom vinyl lettering for a Wedding Hire company who hire out lightboxes- the lettering is used to personalise the lightboxes and they look AWESOME! I love designing custom decals!

Decal Folk Wall Decals are made with a specialist interior vinyl that is made to be long lasting but easy to remove, they can be applied to most smooth, clean, hard surfaces- not just walls- think windows, mirrors, furniture- I had one customer who stuck her decals on her daughters Drawers and Toybox! Not only do they enable you to be really creative- they are easy to apply and easy to remove! And they’re also not just for children- they can look pretty awesome as grown up décor too!

Check out the Decal Folk store on Etsy or email us direct

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