15 May 2017


Hola! - I love saying that mostly because it’s the Latin in me I’m forgetting about in my old(er) age. My name is Leti and I'm the founder of The Inside Edit and Top 100 baby Products, I'm also Mama to two amazing children!

The Inside Edit is a blog my husband Zac and I started in 2016, it's about life in London and the search for all things inspirational and helpful. 

We write, we make short vlogumentaries and we love taking photos! Our blog also covers parenting stuff too - how to make it more fun with less! The Inside Edit gives you both perspectives, sometimes in the same blog piece and in the same video. Sometimes it’s peachy and at other times it’s full on mum vs dad!

I come from a background in fashion, having worked for, and Zac from property in central London. After becoming parents we decided to work together in trying to make lives for parents like us easier with, a ranking and guide to bring some sense to the madness of baby stuff.

Blogging came after, when people wanted to know more about us, and where hiding behind illustrations wasn't enough! In doing so we created The Inside Edit. So we’ve kinda done it the other way round with having a start up then becoming bloggers.

What we want to offer is honesty mixed with fun, we believe that parenting shouldn’t have to be such a struggle. Don’t get me wrong there are times... and I mean there ARE times, but why not embrace it and have fun with it. We try to find the humour in the challenges of modern day parenting and laugh at as much of it as possible. Well the alternative is sometimes is a lot more scary so that's the method for now!

I love my kids but I also love my life... or at least the one I'm trying to have (gosh that sounds awful) but it's kinda how we do the parenting thing - happy parents happy kids!

Instagram: @the.inside.edit 

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