26 May 2017

Advert: Parenting with a psycho

Parenting_with_a_psycho started in January, this year and is run by a 28 year old mum of twin boys. They live in Hampshire and despite the chaos two year old's bring, they live a very happy and peaceful life. 

The story behind parenting_with_a_psycho isn't a pretty one. The father of the twin boys was an abuser (we're talking emotional/mental/sexual and sometimes physical) and after being told by a woman from the National Domestic Violence Helpline that she "couldn't be helped" because she had "left it too late" to find freedom (three years of constant abuse) she decided to set up an Instagram page as a way of therapy for herself; as well as wanting to reach out and help others. It is a very honest and frank page with splashes of humour and the odd profanity, which helps readers relate.

Over 100 women have asked for help and advice via DM's (as well as a handful of men) and, with 850+ followers the page is growing daily, gratefully reaching those who need the support

If you want to contact the page and speak to someone just follow @parenting_with_a_psycho; and send a Direct Message, then they will get back to you ASAP. 

Or, please do contact me and I will pass your details on; and help the very best I can. 


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