11 May 2017

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‘Post natal depression, bulimia, depression, divorce, anxiety disorder, body dysmorphia…you name it between Emma and Mary they have experienced it in some form or another. Which led them both to their chosen careers. 

What bought them together was firstly their children, both boys the same age, (which was super handy before they both started school, as this business has been built on laptops at soft play centres!)

Conversations we would have with our clients, about no time for themselves, feeling like they had lost themselves, their identity, and the constant message we get from the media about their ideas of ‘perfect’, constant comparison to others, making up stories in our heads…instead of just talking about it. 

Emma and Mary decided to take ACTION. The Supercharged Club was born out of the idea, that no one has their shit together, no ones life is ‘perfect’, so instead of fantasising about what we might/should/wish to do when we win the lottery…the 6 week online mission was the answer. 

Fully online, so can be done anywhere in the world, its a process of getting to know ourselves, every inch, every behaviour, every habit, every thought, changing beliefs, habits in our minds and bodies. Our clients call it ‘life changing’ and we are blessed and honoured to be part of their adventure. 

Emma Fullwood
Mum to Hugo and Director of fitness business “Zipped Up Mums”, specialising in post-natal exercise. She is trained in Stott Pilates and uses many of these techniques to improve core strength and posture.
Wonder Woman: Emma is competing in the UFE European Championships in the Novice Bikini category, and currently building muscles where she didn’t know she had them!

Mary Meadows
Mum to Albie, Mary is also known as the “Badass Happy Life Coach”. Having completed a Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP Practitioner, she now specialises in empowering women, and works with her clients to develop workable strategies to ensure time for themselves.
Wonder Woman: Mary is an award winning “vlogger”, as well as a survivor of postnatal depression and IVF. She is currently re-writing her fairy-tale ending and embracing life as a single Mum.


“My eyes are well and truly open. I have let go of the shame and guilt I used to feel about food and eating.”
“I am not only changing my foods, but my kids too, and they have a much healthier attitude towards food.”
“The best thing I have ever done for ME, it’s worth every penny and more!”
“The change you can see is my reduced waistline but the biggest change which you can’t see is my whole attitude to life.”


Supercharged is not a diet or a quick-fix - there are no meal replacements or empty tummies here. Supercharged is an education in simple, healthy eating, teamed with lessons in body confidence, self-worth and emotional wellbeing.  Dig deep and discover how intrinsic your emotions are to the food you put on your plate. We all know what to eat and drink it's the how and why we struggle with. Are you ready to end unhealthy habits and start a new Supercharged life?
Add to this a Facebook network of likeminded women who offer 24/7 support, in conjunction with guidance from our experts, and we know we’ve got this.

Our 6 Week Mission

  • No nonsense food plans - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Discover what works for you and your family
  • Closed Facebook group - 24/7 support
  • Exclusive recipes
  • Nutrition & supplements advice
  • Me-time goal setting
  • Video content - fitness & food
  • Discounts and much more...

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