25 May 2017

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I’ve always had a thing for children’s books, I can’t imagine who wouldn’t, but having two daughters under the age of 5 has fuelled that to the point where I had to share it.
Our girls love all sorts of books, some are classics, some are family favourites, some are awful but lure them in with glitter and princesses. That’s fine, they like a trashy read now and then, just like me. I spend my time searching for books that will inspire and challenge young children. Books that are sometimes poignant, frequently humorous and always beautiful.
A really good book is something the whole family can enjoy, something that urges you to pick it up and something that’s a joy to look at and to hold.

Our shop is open every Saturday 11am - 5pm, I feel that for some there is nothing better than physically holding a book before you buy it. I love talking to people about books as well as getting recommendations of books children and adults love to have in the shop and on the website.  We also offer a gift subscription service – you can choose a number of months (3, 6 or 12 months) and a category type – bedtime stories, animal books and the child will receive a book every month for the length of the subscription.  There is nothing better than getting a parcel in the post every month with a brand new book inside! We are happy to tailor our subscriptions to individual tastes just email

Telling Tales Shop: Unit G.05, 16 - 29 Andrews Road, London E8 4QF

We are always on the lookout for local authors or illustrators, as well as local independent brands to add to the shop. We are currently lucky enough to have two amazing brands in the shop - our Mini Mart. Where’s That Bear and Etta Loves are both mum led, designed, run brands that both bring amazing quality and beautiful design to both newborn muslins, bibs and washcloths as well as fun and playful clothing for kids up to 6.
I really want to create a hub in East London with the ethos being all about beautiful, well design and ethical items for children and their parents. As well as events for children, mums, illustrators, authors etc...
If you need help choosing a book, or would like to tell me about a book you’re writing, illustrated or read, or have a brand you would like to stock in the shop email me or say hello on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
To visit the shop click here 

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