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31 May 2017

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Woven Spectrums

My name is Geneva! Many who know me would describe me as a bubbly personality with a crafty lifestyle. I graduated with a bachelors in crafts, concentration in textile design. I learned how to weave using a table loom and make from them rugs and scarves. Although it was interesting learning these techniques, I wanted to do more with it. 

Another trait others who know me would also say that I'm fashion forward. I have always enjoyed thrifting and upcycling clothing that I find and turning them into something new and exciting. With what I learned with weaving and textiles, I want to create clothing from it. Sadly, my professor was opposed to the idea and told me he wouldn't teach me and I would have to teach myself. I took that as a challenge. 

I sought to teach myself how to make clothing and I'm not going to lie...I sucked at it. Critiques in front of my class were harsh and I received many low grades because of it. These unsettling events are actually what drove me to begin Woven Spectrums post graduation.

I wanted to be the one in charge of what I wanted to create and show my own unique creativity, no matter how many times I fail. I started Woven Spectrums officially in Dec 2015 and did my first craft show that following January. I learned that what I was doing resonated with a lot of people and that was my drive to keep going. 

My inspiration comes from my own upbeat personality, which I translate into something colorful. My work is filled with bold patterns and colors because I want people show a little bit of their own personality by letting their style do the talking.My motto is: Your life is canvas, just add the color. 

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