9 May 2017

Feature: Fashion With Carrie


Fashion Playground stood beside some of the High-Street greats this week, Zara, Mango & River Island in the fashion segment of The Sun and The Sun online. Our fabulous denim culottes were showcased, a hugely popular piece for this seasons wardrobe.  

Culottes, I am happy to say, have evolved with the times, they did attempt a comeback in the noughties but never quite made it back on the fashion scene as the memories of mum’s wearing them during the hot summer of 1990 was still too raw.

Today, they look a lot more like regular jeans than anything else. I like them for restful weekend walks or for when I grab brunch with the girls. 

Their casual look and feel are great for proportions too, and fun in how they show off the ankles. They’re also nice for more formal styling with wedges, mules or heels. 

Have to say one of my favourite minor features to these particular culottes are the frayed edges! Fun, carefree, and perfect for a relaxed stroll around town. SHOP NOW:

Written by Carrie from @fashion.playground


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