17 May 2017

Feature: Looking After You!

How to create a spa experience at home.

How is the #lookingaftermum going? Have you done much in the way of looking after yourself over the past few weeks? Life has been a little hectic for me and I’ve been neglecting myself a little.  I’ve had very little time to myself. So I decided to create my own home spa. This has been great for many reasons! As a mum you often find yourself short of time,with no childcare and if you are off on maternity leave, no pennies for an expensive spa trip!

I’m lucky as a trained beauty and spa therapist I understand about the effect of ingredients, massage, aromatherapy etc has on the body and its systems. Having a bath is such a luxury for me. We have an amazing roll top bath with a view out of the window that is to die for. The beautiful trees have a chandelier of twinkle solar lights hanging from the branches. But I don’t have many baths. Having my little one has made it very hard for me to sit still. Enjoying a bath for half an hour has been out of the question.  How can I lie in the bath while there is a mountain of washing, the oven to clean, a conversation to have with my husband.... (add here any other excuses you have!) I thought what am I doing? I can’t sit still! I need to! Feeling exhausted and low energy levels I thought it can’t be from a poor diet. I try to feed my body all the nutrients it needs. I am low on energy because I am a mum. Always doing everything for everyone as well as working and doing little for myself. So once a week I  create my own treatments from my cupboards, fridge and garden. I create a facial, body scrub and bath soak and then take myself off and let my mind slowdown and relax.

So how do I do it? Before I share some of my favourite recipes I must stress to do a patch test first to check for any allergies or reactions to the ingredients.  Ok so you need to cover all your senses. Taste, smell and sight. It needs to feel indulgent! My number one facial is like natural BOTOX. The facial is antiaging and brightening. The egg tightens the skin and enlarged pores, the lime is a fruit enzyme and contains vitamin C so exfoilates and brightens the skin. The cucumber is soothing and due to its vitamin A content is anti-aging. Finally, coconut oil is hydrating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.  It’s made with:

1 egg white
1 lime and zest
1 tbsp cucumber
1 tbsp melted coconut oil

First melt the coconut oil. Whisk the egg white so fluffy. Next grate the lime zest and add the rest of the lime and cucumber and blitz in a food processor. Place in a bowl and mix everything together. Leave on for 15mins-1hr.

My favourite body scrub is made with lemon, coconut oil, salt and rosemary. The lemon is brightening and detoxing, rosemary is amazing to help clear the mind and concentration, the salt acts as the exfoilation. To make it you need:

1 cup sea salt
1 lemon juice and zest
1 tbsp fresh chopped rrosemary
1tbsp melted coconut oil
5-10 drops rosemary essential oil

Place in a bowl and mix together. Start from the bottom of your body and work upwards.

To finish off my spa experience I create an aromatic herbal and magnesium bath by placing my favourite herbs or flowers like rose petals or mint and magnesium flakes in muslin cloth tied to the tap to allow running water to flow through. Magnesium salt is great for stress relief, muscle aches, wound healing and increasing circulation to name just a few benefits!

Don’t forget to take up a detox, vitamin water or herbal tea to your bath to sip while you are chilling. Also, a yummy candle to light. My best tip to complete your spa experience? A soft, comfy dressing gown, slippers and towel sprayed with your favourite relaxing aromatherapy oil. Then, the only thing that is left is to roll into bed and enjoy a deep sleep. That is until you get woken up by the daily demands of family life! Enjoy! Until next month.


Written by Katie from @katiescreativekitchen


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