22 May 2017

Interview: Natalie, Founder of Style Me Sunday

I have a great interview for you today from Natalie (@stylemesunday) who seems to be popping everywhere at the moment from an @olivelovesalfie event to filming for Ebay @ebay_uk She is one busy lady! 

Thank you for agreeing to talk to Bad Mum and answer some questions. For anyone that doesn’t know, Natalie is the founder of Style MeSunday which is a website dedicated to “Fashion with Feeling”.  
You started blogging back in 2012 after you fell pregnant with your second daughter; how did you find blogging back then and how much has the blogging world changed now? 
Blogging was a bit different then, I had no idea what the heck I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes. Luckily I’ve learnt from them. I always knew I’d like to make money from it one day, but didn’t realise how long that would take or how much work was involved. 
Is this something you have always wanted to do and what gave you the final push to give it a go?
I have always been interested in fashion, but I’ve never pursued it as a career. Fashion blogging was a way I could dip my toe in and see if it was something I wanted to do more of long term. 5 years later, I’m still here, although it’s no longer just a toe. 
I love that you express yourself through clothes and fashion, and like you said on a down day you can slap some bright lippy on and it instantly picks your mood up. Have you always been like this or is it something you have learnt over time?
I’ve always been a very positive person but don’t get me wrong there  are some days even bright lipstick doesn’t work. But yes, I have always loved to express myself through my clothes and make-up, I’ve always worn what I’ve like and not really cared about what other people think. 

I love that you have been with your husband since you were 16! That is so rare these days but so romantic too. Does he share your love of fashion or do you leave him to do his “thing”?
No he’s not into fashion at all really. He’s the opposite of me. He dresses very safe and has a wardrobe full of black, navy, grey - muted tones. But he quite likes that I’m more adventurous and fashionable.
As you are a Mama to two daughters (who you call the ratbags ha ha) how have you found building up your business and juggling motherhood too?
I’m not going to lie juggling is tough. As the work builds up and becomes busy there’s a point where the money isn't quite there yet and so it’s difficult to afford childcare. And as women I think we often take on too much, and think we can have it all. When in actual fact having it all is very stressful. I’m learning to ask for help more these days and trying to delegate better. 
There is a Mama revaluation at the moment on Instagram (which I LOVE!) How do you find all this new honesty and baring all to the world about the real side of parenting – is it something that we could regret one day or is it helping new Mum’s to show the truth? 
Oh I’m all for sharing the truth as long as it isn’t hurting anyone. After all, you bond with people by sharing your experiences, vulnerabilities. I think there’s a real camaraderie among the mums of Instagram and many find it is a real network of support. 

I absolutely love Instagram and what you can make of it. You havea 19.3K following (well done!) How important has Instagram and social media been to your journey so far?
Social media has been massive for me, and in fact it has taken over from blogging. I get most of my engagement through social media and my main source of income. 
I love your style, your hair, your clothes…just you in general! And, you are stunning!! How do you find time to be a Mama and look so good? Share your secrets!!
Thank you! I really don’t look like I do on IG all the time however. I’m quite precious about how my main feed looks now. I only post aesthetically pleasing photos. However head over to Insta stories and you’ll find me with zero make-up on first thing in the morning. My top tips for looking good are firstly lipstick. Bold lipstick detracts from tired eyes and instantly lifts the whole face. Also I wear lots of dresses and skirts, which usually looks more out together than a top and jeans, even though no more effort has gone into creating the look. 
You have met some amazing people (like Davina McCall) and done some great work (including your #WarriorWomanProject and EBay campaign.) You must be proud and what is next for you?  
I’m extremely proud, but I’m also very ambitious, so I don’t often stop and really appreciate how far I’ve come. I should do this more. 

I really do love the way you speak about your eldest daughter, who has a rare genetic condition called Brittle Cornea Syndrome and how you want to give her the best possible life; even working through a bucket list to give her as many experiences possible while she has little sight. You also want to show and teach her that no disability should hold anyone back…this is AMAZING! 
You want to remain positive which is rightly so, but do you sometimes find it tough as we all have hard parenting days and how you do cope with them? To show we are all human at the end of the day! 
Of course like every parent I have my days when things just get too much. Last year I had A LOT of those days. 2016 was a really rough one for all of us. Sometimes I wondered if I’d every be truly happy again. But I now feel stronger and more positive than ever before. These days I have off times more in line with every other mother. When the kids are playing up and not listening, or being rude and everything just gets a bit much. But that’s life, no one is ever having the most amazing time 100% of the time. Now I know it’s just a passing moment and we will survive this. 
What amazing things have you done from the bucket list and what is next? *
We’ve done quite a lot actually. We went to Disney World last December, it was amazing and we had the most magical time. It was great way to end a tough year. We also went to Britain’s Got Talent and my daughter got to meet Ant and Dec and her literary hero - David Walliams. We also have some more exciting things planned for this year but I don’t want to say anything in case I don’t pull them off. 

Lastly, everyone must leave us with a parenting confession that you have never told anyone before…do a shot if it helps! 
I’m hoping I’m not the only one that has done this. When one of my daughters wet the bed in the middle of the night I put a towel over the wet patch and we all went back to sleep. Pretty scummy right?!
Don't worry I have done that too and with spilt milk, many times!  
Thank you so much for your time and I really do appreciate it. Keep doing what you are doing and if you have time…I need your help badly!! 

* If you have a once in a lifetime experience that you could offer or if you can help, please get it touch.   

Interview by Sophie Farrow

Photos credited to Natalie 

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