2 June 2017

Advert: Barefoot Coaching Cards

We all LOVE getting parenting advice from our family and friends, the internet and random old ladies in the street but wouldn’t it be better if there was a tool that helped us work out what sort of parents we want to be? Barefoot Coaching Cards for New Parents are designed to do just that.

With 50 coaching questions in every pack, these cards encourage open conversation about the many changes and challenges faced by new parents. With questions about everything from your hopes for your future to your own experiences of childhood and even the aspects of parenting you might not be enjoying that much, they will help you get the most out of your new life by finding the answers that are right for your family.

Designed to be dipped into time and again, the cards can be used throughout the first year of parenthood and beyond into the toddler years.

Coaching Cards for New Parents are written by Kim Morgan, one of the UK’s most successful business and personal coaches. Kim’s daughter Saira, who is also Head of Marketing at Barefoot Coaching, played an integral part in developing the product. Inspired by her own experiences as a first-time mum, Saira feels passionately about empowering mums and dads to find their own way of parenting and to realise the importance of talking about what kind of parent/s you want to be.

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