2 June 2017

Advert: Life's Little Bugs

Life’s Little Bugs ( is a delightful new collection of books written in humorous rhyme and beautifully illustrated with colourful characters (Little Bugs) to support children in understanding ‘Life’s Little Lessons’ and encourage them into good habits in a fun and enjoyable way.  

The books seems quite a relevant topic especially a review of the Hum Bug book about teaching children to think positively and mindset growth, in the wake of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall fronting a campaign to mental health and stating children should be taught about mental health issues at a younger age. 

Life’s Little Bugs can support any young child’s development and encourage good habits in health, hygiene and personal development by reading a series of books and understanding the characters.

There is a Little Bug to fit with all of life’s little lessons, so Life’s Little Bugs is always growing as more bugs and books are added.

They are also a good support for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC) and Home Education Studies.

There are currently seven characters:

•             Flu Bug - ‘To stop the spread of a cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and bin your tissue please!’

•             Tummy Bug - ‘Before a meal and after using the loo, remember to wash your hands too!’

•             Doodle Bug - ‘Respect of others and their things is free and it makes it a happier place to be’

•             Litter Bug and Fly - ‘Don’t throw Litter anymore! Put it in the bin, not on the floor!’

•             Fitness Bug - ‘Have a life that is healthy and fit and that’s the best way to really enjoy it!’

•             Hum Bug - ‘If you think you can, you will see… you will be the best you can be!’

•             Gum Bug - ‘Care for your teeth every day to keep Gum Bug and his plaque attack away!’

The brainchild of illustrator and mumpreneur Tina Stubbs, says ‘Life’s Little Bugs can support any young child’s development and encourage good habits in health, hygiene and personal development simply by reading these fantastic series of books and understanding the characters and what they represent. Encouraging them in all areas of good behaviour and responding well in situations.’ 
Parents and teachers alike have already seen the benefit of reading the books to their children.
Teacher and mum Sarah Harper says ‘Just thought you’d like to know how much we have used your Little Bug books at school – especially the Flu one! The children love them and this year we have used them as the basis for one element of our PSHE curriculum! So thank you very much – look forward to the next set?’ 

A teacher at Ascot Heath Infant School went on to say ‘Author of Life’s Little Bugs, Tina Stubbs came to visit us at Kingfisher today. The children loved listening to her read from two of her books and enjoyed the fun activities. Thank you so much for coming Tina!’ 

Life’s Little Bugs also encourages children into a daily routine of learning good habits with Life’s Little Bugs Good Habit Reward Chart. Just a simple thing like placing litter in the correct bin will earn them a tick or star for Litter Bug or choosing to eat an apple instead of a cake can earn a tick from Fitness Bug. Free to download on 

Prices start from £5.99.  Stockists include Amazon, Waterstones online. The collection of all seven books are available online only at for £33.99 while the offer lasts. 

Have fun, earn rewards and learn! 

For further information please visit: 

Instagram @LifesLittleBugs   


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