26 June 2017

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About the brand

tommy & lottie is a modern unisex British baby clothing and lifestyle brand that produce good quality, ethically and sustainable made capsule clothing suitable for a boy or girl.

T Shirts

The t shirts are ethically & sustainable manufactured in Tanzania out of 100% luxury cotton and designed and screen printed in the UK. The cotton is certified Oeko-Tex® standard 100 making it safer and less toxic for babies and toddlers.

Katie (the founder) hand draws all the designs before they are turned into a graphic style image. The designs are screen printed as this produces a much nicer finish to the garment than plastic transfers and is more environmentally friendly.

Nostalgic and nature inspired British designs that all generations can relate to, with a soft message to nurture and cherish the world.

Harem baby Leggings

Made right here in Britain, unisex harem baby leggings available in 
yellow, black or green rib.

Super comfy, practical and fit over eco friendly cloth nappies.

Please see our animations made by two local students and narrated by Tommy & Lottie to show customers why we are more sustainable from crop to customer 

Our carbon footprint is far lower than most as all of our cotton is vertically produced. 

Katie also works with local students giving them 'live' work experience projects so they can use them on their CV's and helps develop their employment skills later on so T&L is also a social enterprise business.

The range is small but delivers in quality as tommy & lottie is not 
about quantity. They are about slow fashion and not fast, wasteful or throwaway.

About Me

Katie Carr was born and spent her childhood in rural East Sussex before moving to London at 16 to work and study retail and management at Harrods where she gained an excellent understanding in customer service and the luxury goods market. 

She then had various product management and buying roles these included Woolworths HO and T Mobile UK.

In 2003 Tommy came along and so she decided to take a career break and stay at home and be a mum for a while as these early years go past so fast. Katie did not want to spend her life rushing and stressed between children and a career. 

In 2007 Lottie was born and the planning of the business tommy & lottie started to evolve; with lots of market research and creative planning going on in between the children s needs.

Once Lottie started school this was then the business started to develop into a serious launch plan as Katie did not want to go back to working in London. As Katie always had a flair for design (both her parents are artists) she wanted to create something by herself with a longer term aim to involve her children, and give them skills that they can use later on in their lives or even take over the business!

Katie is passionate about the products coming from a ethical and sustainable source whilst never compromising on the quality of the products. 

British nostalgia and nature themed designs are also important to the brand conveying a message to cherish and conserve our environment and world around us.

The transparency and trust of the production processes are important to Katie (T&L) whilst there is no compromise on quality of the end product. 

People who make the products are paid fairly, looked after, have good working conditions and definitely no children work there.

To view the website please click here

Instagram: @tommyandlottie 

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