2 June 2017

Feature: How To Travel With A Little One

Camping with a one year old

What's more exciting than getting out in the fresh air, toasting marshmallows and snuggling up under the stars in a sleeping bag?... doing it with a one year old!

We took the plunge and spent the long weekend on a family camping trip down in picturesque Dorset. In true British form the weather was kind one minute and not the next but we survived regardless. 

Its so lovely to see how magical these little adventures are for children and it's  day to forget that the small things make a huge difference. Midnight feasts in a tent become magical moments and I guess that's what it's all about... making fun memories. Plus being in the house with a tiny person who wants to explore every nook and cranny can be exhausting; and we find getting out and about as much as possible means the tiny person is entertained - less mess for us parents to clear up! 

If you are thinking of heading camping with you little one(s) here's a few learnings:
  1. Wellies wellies wellies Etta lived in hers the whole weekend come rain or shine. We took her sand and water play pit with us for some extra entertainment and out in the fields she could make as much mess and mud pies as her heart desired. Defiantly worth the space it takes up in the car Vs the hours of entertainment it supplies. 
  2. Safety zone in the form of the travel cot is handy for when setting up or the camping. As much as being out doors means freedom there are still dangers and once they are moving it's great to have a safe place to put them in with a few toys to stay entertained while Mum and Dad are arguing over what pole goes where.
  3. Speaking of tent poles if you are looking to purchase a new nylon palace look for one which is tall enough in the middle to stand up. It sounds silly but having a design with either a middle with pods off the edges or a large porch area is not only great for all the belongings but is enough space to play games or have a picnic when a bout of bad weather hits. 
  4. Let you little one dine in style and pack a cheap high chair. We got ours for £20 from IKEA which easily collapses. It's great for them to be able to sit and eat properly. We had no fuss over meal times and meant we could sit and eat together instead of spending dinner chasing after her to eat her greens. 
  5. Create a makeshift bath for little ones using a storage box. We packed some of our camping gear into it for travel and then had it ready to fill with water for bath time. Bring a rubber ducky and it's just like being at home! I guess that's easy for me to say given that I'm not one bathing in it but it certainly does the job.
  6. Lights, camera, action. Battery LED lights with clips which attach to the inside of the tent are extremely handy. They don't get lost like a hand held torch and you don't have to worry about wearing an oh so flattering piece of head gear just to search for the milk bottle at 5.30am! You can purchase them most camping shops in a variety of sizes. 

What ever adventures your heading out on this weekend I hope they are filled with lots of laughter and fun.

Written by Caroline from @lady_etta_and_i 

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