6 June 2017


Pink! How controversial has this colour become???

As a teen studying sociology I hated feminism. I thought it was outdated and totally irrelevant to modern day society. What a bad woman I was!

This all changed very quickly when I became a parent to my eldest daughter. I wanted her to feel empowered. I taught her about amazing leading ladies from Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks to Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai. I taught her she can be whatever she wants to be (which included a goat feeder for quite some time)

Cait has had dance lessons and karate lessons. She has decided she only wants to wear jeggings for huge periods and then decided she wants all things pink. Played with Barbie and loved Thomas the Tank Engine. I had this down! Cait was becoming a well rounded, strong young lady.

Then I fell pregnant and was submersed into the world of gender neutral.

I am all for babies in white, there is nothing cuter. We chose not to find out Pip's gender whilst I was pregnant. Our babies wardrobe was all white and grey; I was determined to have a Scandi style baby wardrobe. Then Pip became Evelyn and BAM! Our house was an explosion of pink, frills and dresses thanks to family and friends who were all to excited for the 'Pink Shop'. 

So when my down right cute as a button baby girl wore grey leggings and little t-shirts I was horrified to be met with 'oh but that's a bit boyish'. Really???

I have been moaned at for 'not dressing her properly' AKA not in full dresses all the time. This is because I think it must be uncomfortable for her. She has lots of dresses in a range of colours but I just don't feel the need for her to be stuck in them all of the time.

As much as this pees me off what aggravates me even more is when parents purposefully steer their little girls away from typically girlie items. Will that not create a message that girlie is wrong? Why can we not find a balance? You want to play with trains and wear a tutu? Perfect! You hate pink but would love a baby doll? That's lovely!

I really feel we should be encouraging our little women to celebrate their femininity in every possible way whilst also teaching them to kick arse! Pink wont stop them from achieving this.

Embrace the pink, just don't forget the rest of the rainbow.

Written by Amy from @kittyandpip 


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