12 July 2017

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My name is Miss Tanya N Makengo acting on behalf of Lil Heroes. We have started an awareness to highlight the importance of offering basic first aid training for children. 

On April 30th 2017 my daughter confidently called 999 when I collapsed and had a blackout leaving Kyrah the eldest of three at 8 years old to take care of me and my 2 year old daughter Ruby, and 1year old son Alex-Nico, until help had arrived. 

Kyrah came to me and told me that she wanted to help other children prepare for emergency situations because she did not want any other child to feel the fear she felt on the day. Today we have created Lil Heroes and have already prepared and trained with the help of a common called Mini first aid. We have so far trained in just 2 months, 19 children aged 7-14, on first aid and have more events lined up to help prepare other children.  

Please see below YouTube link for the emergency 999 recording of Kyrah Mcfarlane, as well as the link to the London Evening Standards article. 


London evening standards:

Our mission is to make a change in the way that children and first aid training is viewed but most importantly help prepare children to uphold a good level of confidence should they ever be in a unfamiliar situation.  

Lil Heroes aim is to highlight and equip young children with basic life saving information such as knowing their home addresses and memorising or being able to find important telephone numbers, including 999 in an emergency situation. 

Lil Heroes would also like to offer direction to parents, careers ect to the few companies who are offering first aid training for children and their parents.

Instagram: @lil.heroes21

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