7 July 2017

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I started the Career happiness mentor more than a year ago after being in a job where I was over worked and was being bullied at work. I have a background of working as a schools careers adviser and qualified as careers counsellor in 2008. I always loved helping people discover their dreams. I have been thorough redundancy and I felt a overwhelming sense of confusion when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. I knew I wanted to help more people on a deeper level but didn’t know how. After working with several coaches and mentors I realised I wanted to have my business where I helped women like me. Women who need clarity to help them discover what they really want in their life and career. Also many women who had been in the same job for a long time had lost their confidence to put themselves out there again. The essence of the career happiness mentor is to help mentor women with career confidence and help them find a job and career they truly love” 

I help women in a realistic way. As a career adviser, I can help look at what needs to be addressed in a bespoke way because every client will be in a different place.  I feel it’s important to motivate and empower women to be in place where they can be happy.
These are some of the key challenges of the women who come to me for help because they feel unhappy at work:
  • They realise they’re playing it small and safe in their career and feel unfulfilled.
  • They feel frustrated by lack of progression to get to the next stage.
  • They lack confidence to go for promotions or new roles
  • They feel the work environment/culture is holding them back
They end up leaving an industry they love for example teachers because they feel unhappy and are unable to do anything about it
The values I learned about helping others through my parents is important to me and a foundation for who I am as person. If you see someone who is unhappy and you can help them transform their life in the process, and you can make this your business, to me this is icing on cake.
What really lights me up is working with clients 1 on 1. From being in a position where they are unhappy in a job or lost a job to finding a new dream job or getting the promotion they deserved but just didn’t have the right type of encouragement to work towards it. For example, a teacher who wants to level up but doesn’t want to teach anymore but instead wants to utilise the skills and knowledge they have to become an Ofsted inspector.
The women I help may still love their industry just not the job they currently do. I work with them collaboratively to help them get to where they want to go. I help people really understand that anything is possible in your career and help them understand that career change is much more common then they think. Lack of career clarity is also a lot more common then we think because we change as we get older. Giving them awareness that it is normal to feel this way but that with the right support they can get there.  Change isn’t always easy but if you want support I can help you get there.
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