31 August 2017

Sugar Daddy by Dean Edwards

I recently took part in a ‘no sugar week’ on the ITV Lorraine show and even though I’m knowledgeable about food, ingredients and nutrition - what really shocked me is the minefield that is labelling on shop bought food items. If it can get confusing to me, then for people that don’t cook regularly it must be damn near impossible to make any sense from this. Some of the biggest culprits are jars of ready made sauces, such as pasta or curry sauce. To me, even the way labels are designed are intended to deceive. A 500g jar giving sugar content per 100g is a great example, a quick scan of the label you will see grams of sugar but unless you read carefully and do some math’s then unwittingly you may be consuming 4-5 times the amount of sugar than you think you are!!

When I was a young man many moons ago, I was jealous of my friends tucking into processed turkey drumsticks and potato shapes. It took me many years to actually realize how lucky I was to be fed home cooked meals lovingly cooked from scratch. Okay, plates of brown rice, mung bean and other interesting concoctions my Mother put in front of us weren’t the tastiest (sorry Mum) but I know now that the intention was to give us the best start in life in terms of nutrition. It’s no different now in terms of what I put in front of my daughter Indie. Let’s be honest, we as parents are totally responsible for what our kids eat, our kids are not the ones who put food in the refrigerator and cupboards so it’s up to us as parents to make the best choices possible. 


30 August 2017

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September 2017 


Judgy Judy and the Baby Clique

So recently I had been picking up some vibes from a certain group of women that I know through one of our baby classes. Nothing mean had been said, no outright lines drawn, just a general air of 'off' and I couldn't work out what I had done wrong! This was until I spoke to another Mama from the group that I am particularly close with and she had been feeling the same way. We hashed it out a little between us and realised the main difference between 'us' and 'them' was that we are younger, unmarried (well technically I'm married, just not to my current partner!) and live more simply.
Was this it? Were we being judged for a lack of a ring, some paperwork and a smaller bank balance? Apparently so! Not to stereotype anyone, I hate the whole 'what type of Mum are you?' quiz thing, but what is the deal with these middle class, well educated women reverting to cliquey 1950's housewives while off on Mat Leave?

Every one of them moans the face off about their husbands while out for their twice weekly wine afternoons. Their idea of hardship is having to change cleaners and that their husbands work too many hours in fancy high flying jobs. Maybe that is me being a bit judgy in return but it pisses me off to be looked down on for choosing to live life my own way.

After a tricky breakup with my ex I swore to never settle for someone that didn't make me happy and I was fortunate enough to have found someone in Col that does so every day. We may not have a big house, a cleaner and rings on our fingers but we also don’t have a cross word to say to each other beyond a quick moan about who's turn it is to clean the loo or empty the dishwasher. We make our own priorities and I'd rather have my man around and enjoy each other's company than have him working all the hours of the week and miserable just to pay for fancy things. However if swanky cars and exotic holidays are what is important to someone else then so be it. Each to their own.


29 August 2017

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Feature: Wish You Was Here

Exmouth – A mini family break for a Mum, and two children (11 and 7) August 2017

I know – I promised Greece – but I’ve just come back from a lovely mini break to Exmouth with the children. In an attempt to stay local (no aeroplanes) we decided a traditional seaside holiday was in order. Exmouth, South Devon – 5 hours from Canterbury, Kent, on 3 trains and a tube wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Book your tickets in advance through the Trainline as they are cheaper – I didn’t so they weren’t!

I booked a flat through Air BnB – who I have now used in Barcelona and Normandy and have found to be an altogether very pleasant experience. I like the personal touches - our host met us at the station and recommend several places to go and places to avoid, which was actually very helpful when you don’t know the area and you are on a short break. The flat was lovely and right opposite the beach- and there was WiFi (a lifesaver when holidaying with children – no matter how much you convince yourself you are going to read and play charades every evening)


25 August 2017

Chuck anything in Chocolate Brownies

Despite what you say beforehand a lot changes when you have kids. You do all sorts of things you never thought you would.  Some things you expect, like less sleep and more washing, but some really catch you off guard. 
I never thought I’d mentally switch off when my child asks a question but after the 835th time of being asked “why did Mr toad scare the rabbits?” I said nothing and silently vowed that we would never again have Peter Rabbit on.
I never thought I’d wear crocs but after looking out the window and seeing my 1 year old pick up a snail and slowly bring it towards her mouth I threw on the pair of shoes next to my mother’s patio doors and ran..
I never thought I’d find Michael McIntyre funny but…Literally. So. Relatable.
One thing that never changed is my love of chocolate. These chocolate brownies are very fudgey and gooey in texture with a slight crust which we find perfect however if you prefer a cakey brownie you’ll want to decrease the sugar by about 50g and up the flour by the same.

23 August 2017

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The 4 Day Week

4 days on, 3 days off. Or 4 days off, 3 days on.

It depends on the way you look at it. Being at work or at home. The hardest bit is balance. If anyone had the perfect recipe of work/family life balance, then we all know we would sell our houses for a piece of it - a way not to feel guilty for neglecting the kids or neglecting the office.


22 August 2017

It Feels So Right, Hold Me Tight

In honour of Breastfeeding Awareness Week, which runs from 1st-7th August (I know I’m a little late but a baby keeps you very busy!) I thought I would share my own breastfeeding experience, despite how brief it may be.

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What About Mum's Health?


21 August 2017

How Maternity Leave, Turned into sick leave.

I still can't believe I'm on my third maternity leave & how different and difficult it has been to what I had envisioned.
It's been beautiful, lovely, enjoyable and I'm in awe of my third little girl every day but it's been physically hard.

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18 August 2017

Feature: Fashion With Carrie

My 5 Tips for Perfecting Your Sales Shopping


17 August 2017

Feature: Lean Mums

Hi I’m Robbie the founder of Lean Mums, and I’m a Personal Trainer. I’ve worked with hundreds of mums and have taken all of that expertise and put it into creating Lean Mums which is all about making health and fitness as straightforward and stress free as possible for busy mums. The website includes home workouts, easy to cook recipes, a chat area and loads more!


15 August 2017

Feature: Word From the U.S

When Birth is More Important than Life


14 August 2017

Interview: Kerri From Coco + Indie

Hi lovely, thank you so much for speaking to me and answering some questions for Bad Mum magazine. 

Congratulations Hun for your success, you are doing so well and you must be super proud of your achievement’s so far! 


11 August 2017


Before I had baby, tiredness had a whole other definition.  A tough night's sleep simply meant that I'd drank too much caffeine (or prosecco) that day and a bad morning was one where I'd forgotten to put my phone on charge, then missed the bus.  A late night was self inflicted, because who wants a good night out to end? The only time I saw 7am was on an early start at work, or when I was just making my way home from a crazy night out. It's safe to say that before becoming a mama I didn't know how good I had it in terms of sleep. I often complained about not getting any sleep because i’d only managed around 6 hours before having to get up, or about a neighbour waking me up by shouting in their garden at 2pm. (Yes you read that right PM). Usually my tiredness stemmed from staying out too long on the ‘rare night out’, because once you're out you might as well make the most of it and keep going until the sun comes up.


Feature: Made For Parents

Mamas and Papas Baby Bud Highchair Review

When your baby starts to wean, a highchair is a definite essential. There are so many different options on the market to choose from and it can be overwhelming. However, there are a few things to consider that might help you to choose which highchair would be the best for you and your baby. Such as;
  • ·         How much space do you have?
  • ·         Do you want something that can easily be stored away?
  • ·         Will you be taking it to other people’s houses?
  • ·         Will you want your baby to be at the table with you?

For us, it was important to have something that wouldn’t take up too much room in our kitchen, and also something which could easily be stored away. After searching on the internet for ages we came across the Mamas and Papas Baby Bud, and it has fitted our needs perfectly.


The Baby Bud basically fixes onto your dining table chair, meaning that you don’t have a big clumpy highchair cluttering up your kitchen. Which is fantastic if like us, you’re short on space and you have two dogs constantly trying to trip you up. 


10 August 2017

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Moisturised AF, or Your Complete Guide to Less Parched Skin (Even if You’re Breastfeeding a Toddler)


3 August 2017

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