21 August 2017

Advert: False Friends

Liz and I met through work shizz about a year and a half ago. Our eyes met over a crowded Facebook group and the rest is history. We both run multi-million Yen businesses. Liz owns Fickle Craftroom, home of all that is handmade, and Claire is an illustrator and graphic designer. Although we both use social media to peddle our wares, when it gets to the point that it pisses you off to open it up we knew something had to be done!! It all got far too wanky and we felt the need to get all the feels off our chest. False Friends was born. 

At False Friends we make and design high-end, off beat accessories that poke fun at the picture-perfect Instalifestyles of social media. In a world of inflatable flamingos, we are the grubby London pigeon with one stumpy leg. In a sea of smashed avocados on sour dough, we are the fried egg sarnie with brown sauce. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t glamorous. H to the hell-no! We love a bit of glitter and shiny things make us smile.

All our products are lovingly designed and handmade by us, Liz Chan and Claire Spake, in a top secret warehouse just off the North circular, then individually packaged with a handwritten note. So if you have a fear of FOMO, think that YOLO is the reason The Beatles split and just don’t get kale, come join us. Peace out.

If you want a FREE advert on here and Bad Mum magazine Insta, please just get in contact with me! 


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