10 August 2017

Advert: The Amazing Craft Company

The Amazing Craft Company has recently been launched by two creative mums, Clair and Fiona who love nothing more than doing a bit of craft with their kids!

Their bright and colourful themed craft kits are bursting with fun for children aged 3-8 years. Each one contains materials to make 5 fun crafts, activity sheet, jokes, fun facts, step-by-step instructions (for the not so crafty adult helping), cool background to encourage play, colouring sheet, felt tip pens, glue and glitter. WOW!

They have 3 different themed kits on sale now and have lots more being tried and tested by small people (love to see this). The kits are on sale for £10 (+ p&p if you are not local to them) and are perfect to do with your little one, to give as a birthday gift or to grab now and put away for Christmas gifts.

Check out their web at and follow them on Insta and Facebook at theamazingcraftcompany

For a free advert on here and Bad Mum magazine Insta page, please just get in contact with me! 


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