25 August 2017

Chuck anything in Chocolate Brownies

Despite what you say beforehand a lot changes when you have kids. You do all sorts of things you never thought you would.  Some things you expect, like less sleep and more washing, but some really catch you off guard. 
I never thought I’d mentally switch off when my child asks a question but after the 835th time of being asked “why did Mr toad scare the rabbits?” I said nothing and silently vowed that we would never again have Peter Rabbit on.
I never thought I’d wear crocs but after looking out the window and seeing my 1 year old pick up a snail and slowly bring it towards her mouth I threw on the pair of shoes next to my mother’s patio doors and ran..
I never thought I’d find Michael McIntyre funny but…Literally. So. Relatable.
One thing that never changed is my love of chocolate. These chocolate brownies are very fudgey and gooey in texture with a slight crust which we find perfect however if you prefer a cakey brownie you’ll want to decrease the sugar by about 50g and up the flour by the same.

We say Chuck anything in because the below is a basic batter that will carry anything pretty well. We had some strawberries that needed using so popped them in with some marshmallows, but if you have half a bag of Haribo and some leftover bounty from a tin of celebrations, chuck them in. It will work trust me! 
You will need a 12″ by 9″ cake pan or roasting tray, lined with baking paper.
200g butter
300g sugar
75g self raising flour 
75g cocoa powder 
3 eggs
Odd bits of chocolate/fruit/sweets up to 100g 

Get your giant toddler friendly mixing bowl (any bowl will do) and mix your butter and sugar together until well combined. Pop your eggs in and mix. Then add your flour, sugar and cocoa powder.  When nice a chocolatey mix in your miscellaneous bits. This is when your child will start picking lumps of chocolate or marshmallows out of the bowl, and end up with chocolate batter up both arms. 
Maybe get a towel out ready? 
Written by Cath @baking_with_kids

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