21 August 2017

How Maternity Leave, Turned into sick leave.

I still can't believe I'm on my third maternity leave & how different and difficult it has been to what I had envisioned.
It's been beautiful, lovely, enjoyable and I'm in awe of my third little girl every day but it's been physically hard.
Before I had my youngest Anna or my 'little little' as I call her as she was so dainty and weighed a lot less than her bigger sisters, I was unable to walk without being in excruciating pain. I was given crutches to help me move about and was told the PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) would go as soon as baby was born.
Well, ten months on PGP ain't budged like promised. I attend physio regularly and now a neurologist to get to the root cause of the pain.
I had hoped to be back to work by now but unfortunately, this hasn't worked out like I had planned. (As if you can plan anything with three children)
I would love to hear from other PGP sufferers and any tips/advice on how you managed this after the baby was born.
I don't think there is enough information out there about it & I certainly didn't realise it would continue for this long after having a baby.
Now nearly a year on, I've had two MRIs and the neurologist has recently ruled out MS. Thankfully I didn't know he had been querying it.
I'm left with a sensitised nervous system, meaning I still feel pain, numbness, pins and needles and burning in my leg, hip arm and hand on the left side. Just to add to the busy life of raising three girls under five huh.
A friendly reminder that I should call it quits at three, beautiful & healthy girls. 
I do have other post natal issues which I won't get it into save a lot of embarrassment (also I think my mum would kill me) let's just say I'm under the good hands of a consultant who will get this sorted once and for all.

Olivia x
Written by Olivia from @life_with_the_henwells 


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